The evil of good ideas.

This post is intended to outline the evil consequences of what, on the surface appear to be good and well intentioned ideas.

It will cover a number of areas, so bear with me as I hop from topic to topic.  In addition it shouldn’t be seen as an out-and-out attack on the “left”, some of these ideas have been expanded on by the “right” as well.

I bet he didnt think his policies were evil either.

I bet he didnt think his policies were evil either.

More below the fold.

1: Refugee issues.

What could possibly be an evil outcome of offering a person seeking asylum protection? Here’s a couple.

a: People die attempting to get here.

b: It is used as a means of funding terrorist groups. ”

In Germany, ten LTTE members were caught extorting 50 Deutsche Marks per month from Tamil families (about $53 Canadian). They threatened to harm relatives who were still living in Sri Lanka if the money was not forthcoming. The ring grossed 200,000 DM per month (9). The British Refugee Council also reported on extortion in the Tamil Community. They indicated that Tamil refugees in Germany and other European nations had to pay $60 a month (10).

Since 1977, France has been a preferred destination for Tamil refugees. Indeed, the Tigers may have deliberately sent numbers of people there in order to work and be taxed for the LTTE (11). Tamils were involved in several lucrative operations: one social security fraud was worth 2,000,000 Francs (about $560,000 Canadian). Individuals filed claims with numerous townships for benefits and earned incomes on top of the social security payments. An individual could acquire over 500 Francs a day with this scheme (12).

Canada also hosts extortionists who draw funding for the Tigers. Fear of the Tiger is clearly evident within portions of the Tamil community. Those with relatives who still live in LTTE controlled territories are approached for money, and may have their relatives threatened if they do not pay. Others have managed to stay clear of the extortionists – often by moving several times. However, to avoid being brutally harassed, mail to and from Jaffna is routed through several countries. The LTTE apparently monitors mail from overseas and passes on home addresses to their agents working abroad (13). “

c: It undermines the confidence in a country that its citizens interests are being looked after.

No-one will argue against the “good” of granting asylum to those seeking it, but by pretending no evil can come of it is ridiculous. The government doesn’t trust people enough to outline the pros and cons of many issues, and quite frankly its insulting. If i was to say to a refugee supporter “should we grant citizenship to only those who can pay $1,000,000”, they would scream no.

However they wont acknowledge that is ALLREADY their default position, all that has changed is the amount is lower.


Public health/universal healthcare. Sounds great, no-one could argue against every citizen having equal access to the most advanced treatments regardless of costs could they?

a: COST!, it would be impossible to give every person 5 star health treatments, literally impossible.

b: People! You cannot spend endless resources on people who engage in destructive lifestyle habits, however if you exclude people based on visible health risks (smoking, weight etc) then whats the difference if you have a person with a genetic problem? It can be argued a smoker (for example) pays far more in taxation than they are likely to receive in medical treatment under a universal system. However a person with a genetic problem may never pay taxation (due to inability to work), but at the same time be seen as a “virtuous sufferer” because they haven’t caused their illness.

c: Decision making. Why is a government better at selecting a cost effective treatment, or any treatment at all than a private insurer? Both want to keep the costs down, to pretend the government is an “independent arbiter” is again, just silly. Politics can play a role out of proportion to the benefits.


Justice: The rehabilitation over punishment shibboleth. Surely no-one can argue against the accused being afforded the best defence they can get, and the guilty being rehabilitated?


a: It is getting to the stage where it is nearly impossible to secure convictions in an Australian court. This is almost entirely due to defence lawyers, not seeking to dispute facts, but to confuse jurors. No one wants to see an innocent convicted, and if a person is, then released they should be generously compensated. However the use of tactics and confusion to win acquittals is crippling peoples faith in the justice system. Police seldom attempt to try murder cases, preferring to attempt to convict on the lesser charge of manslaughter. This is evil.For my money this case in the link is open and shut, by adding confusion the perpetrator was found not guilty.

b: Rehabilitation over punishment, sounds fine, but in Australia you can kill a person and be out in 5 years or less.

That is evil. There is a punishment component to a sentence, it is unjust to focus solely on the needs of the guilty.


There are many many other areas I could point out evil coming from what appear to be good ideas. As a society we should be able to be trusted with all the facts, not just what our betters in politics feel is right.

Other may wish to address issues such as abortion on demand, relaxation of censorship, multiculturalism and a host of others. It offends me my own government refuses to examine both the bad as well as the good of “noble positions”, particularly when some of them are corrosive in peoples trust of our system.

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One Response to “The evil of good ideas.”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Yes, yes; but being politically correct trumps all practical and logical considerations. Clearly, you didn’t get the memo and you haven’t been drinking the Kool-Aid the lefties sent you.

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