Butler U. Students Mitch-Slapped by Indiana Governor Daniels


Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is fucking awesome. This has to be the best goddam commencement speech ever!

“We Boomers were the children that the Second World War was fought for. Parents who had endured both war and the Great Depression devoted themselves sacrificially to ensuring us a better life than they had. We were pampered in ways no children in human history would recognize. With minor exceptions, we have lived in blissfully fortunate times. The numbers of us who perished in plagues, in famine, or in combat were tiny in comparison to previous generations of Americans, to say nothing of humanity elsewhere.

All our lives, it’s been all about us. We were the “Me Generation.” We wore t-shirts that said “If it feels good, do it.” The year of my high school commencement, a hit song featured the immortal lyric “Sha-la-la-la-la-la, live for today.” As a group, we have been self-centered, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and all too often just plain selfish. Our current Baby Boomer President has written two eloquent, erudite books, both about..himself.

As a generation, we did tend to live for today. We have spent more and saved less than any previous Americans. Year after year, regardless which party we picked to lead the country, we ran up deficits that have multiplied the debt you and your children will be paying off your entire working lives. Far more burdensome to you mathematically, we voted ourselves increasing levels of Social Security pensions and Medicare health care benefits, but never summoned the political maturity to put those programs on anything resembling a sound actuarial footing.

In sum, our parents scrimped and saved to provide us a better living standard than theirs; we borrowed and splurged and will leave you a staggering pile of bills to pay. It’s been a blast; good luck cleaning up after us.”

LOL! You really need to read the whole enchilada.

Now, you may be asking, “Beef, you’re a Texan, so what’s with the governor of Indiana stuff?” Well, mom’s a Hoosier, and we still own several farms up there. We’re going up this summer, in fact. Can’t hardly wait.

7 Responses to “Butler U. Students Mitch-Slapped by Indiana Governor Daniels”

  1. bingbing Says:

    His last sentence kinda bugs me.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Thats a nice speech, at least on of the “boomers” has accurately summed up their major contribution so far.

    Worst thing is, they will have the demographic “bulge” to vote themselves a more restful old age at the younger generations expense as well.

    Free viagra anyone? Erect, I mean elect me!!

  3. Howard Roark Says:

    Thanks for picking this up! Mitch is an awesome governor. Too bad he couldn’t just do a tour of governorships around the midwest & clean up the other states like Michigan in particular.

    Of course, there are a lot of whiners who dissent. But they are part of the problem.

    • bingbing Says:

      Where do I know that name from?

  4. blogstrop Says:

    I see it a little differently. A lot of boomers have a work ethic superior to many younger ones, are still at work and probbaly have children to age 30 remaining at home when they themselves went out and set up house with their spouse in their early twenties. They are now facing the fact that they will not get to retire at 65, 67, or maybe even 70, but will have to go on working as long as possible. They do not have buckets of super stashed away. They are not all former hippies, but may well be the mainstay of the residual “old Australia”, where there was a more coherent sense of community.
    They probably prefer to stick with the Queen rather than hand the Head of State job over to yet another “mate” of whatever pollie tribe has casting vote, or leaving it to the mostly unread (politically) great unwashed to elect one based on the crap that the media serve up to them every day.
    While they might have at least a grandparent who migrated here in the last 120 years, they have had politcal correctness and multiculturalism foist upon them to no ultimate good. Poltical correctness is as HIV-AIDS to western societies, and multiculturalism, by removing the need to assimilate, has reduced the coherence of our society as well. Multy-culty food and a variety of music may be good, but the price is high in political fragmentation.
    I’m totally sick of boomers neing blamed for so much, from 4WDs to free love. Get over it and take responsibility for your own slice of the millenium.

  5. RebeccaH Says:

    I’ll say one thing about Indiana… and generally, people in Ohio have lots to say about Indiana… at least they’ve got a better governor than our governor.

    As for the boomer thing: I get less than $600 a month from Social Security right now. I never worried about SS before, because I had enough in pension plans that I cashed in and invested when I retired. Guess where that money is now. You guessed it. In Congress’ pocket, and I’ll probably never see a dime of it. If it weren’t for Mr. H’s federal pension, we’d be in a world of hurt, and as it is, we ain’t doing too well.

    Angry? You have no idea.

  6. Spam Asswipe Says:

    [Spam deleted – Beef]

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