Men are rather silly at times..

Exhibit 1 in the trial of “Men vs their gonads”….


Russian tourists try to break Florida law having sex with porcupine


Its from Pravda, so it must be true..

In what alternate bizzaro world is sticking your dick in a nest of spines a good idea?

Drunken Russian tourist bizzaro world of course!! Two Russian tourists paid a very high price for breaking the American law which bans sex with porcupines.


Staying in Florida on vacation, two Russians from Saint Petersburg decided to check whether they are able to circumvent such an unusual law or not.

Lucky they didnt see the law banning mastrbating with a cheese grater as well…

At first 32-year-old Anton and 30-year-old Eugenie had a good laugh at the senseless law written by local authorities. And then, after helping themselves with whisky, they decided to break this funny law.


“We came here to the USA to have fun!” said Anton and the two friends started their searches for the so called American “hedgehog”. It took them less than an hour to find the animal.


With victorious shouts the drunken friends dropped their pants and started making unambiguous movements with their hips. Having sobered up the following morning the friends realized that they need medical help. So the animal-lovers had to go from the airport straight to hospital, Life.Ru reports.

?Was Borat a documentary?

Now American laws do not seem so funny to Anton and Eugenie. After returning to Moscow they had to get acquainted with Russian urologists: porcupine needles caused very strong inflammation.

Geez, ya think?

Words fail me.

Words fail me.

3 Responses to “Men are rather silly at times..”

  1. bingbing Says:

    What is it with Russian men? First this, now this.

    Curiously but, why did lawmakers see the need to make that law in the first place?

  2. VodkaBlogger Says:

    English Russia has the pics of the hospital admission form and the guy (sans porcupine and blurred face). Even if it is not true it’s a great story. 🙂

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    Redefines “prick” doesn’t it?

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