Women and sportsmen

As most in Australia will be aware there has been a stink about some ladies who have been the “victims” of group sex by sports teams.



Whoopy chook, from all accounts (bar 1) the stories have related to ladies who were willing participants but later on felt they weren’ttreated with any respect, and were just used.

I will add the caveat that this doesnt apply to rape, only regrets after the act….

Newsflash girls, you were treated with all the respect you deserved. You flung yourself at a group of “alpha males” who treated you as a disposable item. What did you expect to have happen? Hearts and flowers from the whole team the next day?

More below the fold.

Heres a couple of stories I have been involved in, the second one concerns several high profile AFL football players on a “team trip” to Darwin. I’m not mentioning any names, the year, or the team. Some of these blokes are still playing.


Story 1: My local footy team when I used to play (just after I had my knee smashed in a game, which is why I wasn’t present), just your local country footy club.

We had a girl (very beautiful) who had a reputation as a town bike, I worked with her for a while and she freely confessed to being a “bit of a nympho”, and wasn’t afraid to show a bit of skin to get what she wanted.

There was an after training piss up, with blokes ranging in ages from 17- 50 in attendance, probably around 30 blokes all up, for some reason she was in attendance and decided to kick things up a bit with a strip tease for the blokes. Why any woman should think that’s a good idea is beyond me, stripping in a large group of drunk men is beyond dangerous.

Apparently after the strip things turned ugly and there was a serious chance of the piss up turning into a semi-rape/rape (I put it this way because she was willing to take on the 10 or so she fancied, but would have said no, probably unsuccessfully, to the remaining 20 she didn’t fancy).

Fortunately for her our A grade team captain stopped the sex side of things before it got out of hand, but not without punching a couple of heads. 


Story2: A group of about 5 AFL players were on break in Darwin, as is fairly usual they were being “chaperoned” by a couple of older blokes. It so happened there were a bunch of models doing a promotion of some sort at the same time. One of the players bedded 3 of the ladies within a few hours (quiet bloke, hed shag, have a couple of drinks and get his strength back, then shag another bird). At the end of the night the players retired to their rooms, after a short while a lady knocked on the door (a looker as well) and when the blokes were there calmly announced “well which of you blokes wants to fuck me then”. Most of the blokes were a bit jaded by this stage (the agony of batting away steaming hot totty all the time), so they asked her if she had any “tricks” shed do for them.

For her first trick she stripped off, stuck a beer can between her butt cheeks and crushed it using her butt muscles.

Then came her “big trick”, she got one of the blokes to sit on the edge of the bed, then ran from one end of the unit to where he was, did a somersault and landed her twat on his face all in one move, that impressed the blokes no end.

I think she rooted 2 or 3 of them after that.


Now that’s not an aberration for elite sportsmen, they are famous, extremely fit, and wealthy people. Their view of the world is shaped by what they see and experience, its largely useless to tell them to treat women with respect when 90% of their experiences are women willing to do anything to snare them, even for one night stands.

That women who engaged in consensual sex acts are being painted as “victims” by a media looking for a scandal, and women’s libbers desperate for relevance is just stupid.  Id pretty well guarantee any bloke, confronted with an endless parade of women willing to do anything to attract him will end up with a similar world view as these blokes. To feign outrage at consensual sex (regardless of how distasteful it is to “norms”) is just silly. To treat the women involved as “victims” is insulting to the majority of women (IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!!! the headlines may as well scream) who don’t fling themselves at sports teams.


Thats my little rant anyway….

One Response to “Women and sportsmen”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Well ranted, good sir!

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