Ex Prez dead – suicide

Sorry Lefties, not Bush. Korea’s ex President, Roh (pronounced “no”) Moo-hyun, apparently committed suicide today. Korea is in shock. The apparent suicide comes in the wake of a multi-million dollar corruption scandal that’s been on-going for a few months. The scandal, involving his wife among others, occurred whilst the President, who declared to fight corruption, was in Office.

Korea’s Leftist media is reporting this could really raise political tensions in Korea, a country known for its rather animated politcs. Claims that current President, Lee (pronounced “ee”) Myung-bak is being too harsh are circulating. In some respects, perhaps so (they [and others] are being wankers when it comes to foreign ESL teachers and the learning of English in general) but it’s not as if he pushed Roh Moo-hyun over that cliff.

It’s all about saving face over here and clearly, President Roh couldn’t.


Checked with the girlfriend (a Korean). This is fucking huge over here. More than news, it’s history. Expect shit to go down… not that it’ll have much impact in the West. Quietly, South Korea has gone from accepting aid from Ethiopia back in the fifties to being one of the world biggest economies. And people back home still ask, “Why would you go there?”

Ho hum…


Full on. And his brother’s in jail. Graft.


JFTR, suicide is the fourth highest cause of death in South Korea with a rate of 29.6 per 100,000, and it has the highest rate of any OECD country at around 33 per day.

2 Responses to “Ex Prez dead – suicide”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    I knew you’d be on this like… white on rice when I read about it this morning.

    • bingbing Says:

      Like white on rice? Well fuck, eh? What else would I blog about? Spaghetti ice cream?

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