The Evils Of IVF?


I always enjoy reading Bioedge, and this typo just made my day better.

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6 Responses to “The Evils Of IVF?”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Might be an idea to check where that link (including when you click on the pic) ends up.

  2. nilk Says:

    Resized and link on pic edited.

    Apart from that, Bioedge put out a great newsletter on a semi-regular basis. Worth subscribing to.

    I just got the email this morning and noticed the type, then checked the site.

    • bingbing Says:

      Link’s still a funny one. Lol, Ross Daniels at uni nearly failed me for coming down on the pro-euthanasia side in an essay.

  3. Angus Dei Says:


    That is seriously old… and creepy.

    • bingbing Says:

      The fact it had to be IVF says it all.

  4. nilk Says:

    Bing I’m against legalised euthanasia. If a person wants to die, that’s their call. It’s not for the State to say it’s okay for someone to kill you, and there is plenty of evidence from other countries that shows that coercion can become commonplace.

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