That parallel

Yep, the 38th one again.

NORTH Korea staged a ‘successful’ underground nuclear test today which was more powerful than its previous test.

If only Truman hadn’t ordered McCarther to pull back.


It’s the top story on CNN. They ran it for 12 minutes on the 10pm bulletin.

More here.

3 Responses to “That parallel”

  1. Angus Dei Says:

    Truman screwed the world by not letting Mac attack. We wouldn’t be dealing with the NorKs or the Chi Coms today if MacArthur had gotten his way. Also, Vietnam may never have happened, and if it did, it would have had a very different outcome, and would be a forgotten footnote in history today. Then, there’s Pol Pot and the Killing Fields in Cambodia – over a million starved to death or murdered – that would never, ever have happened if MacArthur had been turned loose.

    Truman has a lot to answer for. He was handed the greatest military in the world along with the greatest group of generals history had ever seen, and in his timidity, he pissed it all away.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Angus Dei

    Yup, but because none of what you mentioned would have come to pass hed be held up as “teh worst evah!!!” by the usual suspects.

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