Does Obama have a stutter?

He learned his lesson from the last bloke. Hence all the teleprompters.

Guys, we’ve gotta do better than pouncing on ‘stutterings’ or teleprompters. It worked fine for the Left pouncing on all Bush’s verbal mishaps, compiling them then putting them on youtube, Letterman and the like, then painting Bush as a moron. How pathetic. Is that how we’re gonna play, too? I thought the Right was better than that, better than the Lily Allen’s of this world.

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2 Responses to “Does Obama have a stutter?”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Im more interested in how the bloke conductshimself. If half his time is spent faking something as basic as his speaking style that says a lot about ,
    A: His need to control his own image
    B: Self control, it wouuld be hard to maintain that without a lot of self dicipline.

    So not so much making fun as trying to work out a “odd” bit about him.
    Though I do reserve the right to make fun of him about it on occasion lol.

    • bingbing Says:

      On one hand, mate, all pollies bullshit their speaking style when the camera’s on. On the other hand, BO does it that little bit extra/better/worse.

      The Repubs are still sorting themselves out. And it’ll be fun watching Obama crash, but not at the expense of the West as is what happened to Bush. The meedja and the Left fucked the West and Bush on that one so it’ll be interesting to hear where they stand once they really start to feel comfortable.

      In that sense, I hope Obama does well, upholds democracy, freedom, capitalism, free markets. Should he start going really socialist, then as Ahmedinijad would say, death to America.

      It won’t happen. The free market et. al. has become to strong a force… eek, I hope.

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