Best Science Write-up Ever: The Untold Story of Apollo 11


Popular Mechanics has outdone themselves with these dovetailed interviews of all involved in the Apollo 11 moon landing. I was riveted and stayed up way past my bed time.

Part 1: Launch Day.

Part 2: To the Moon.

Part 3: Landing Day.

Part 4: Lunar Exploration.

Part 5: The Trip Home.

Part 6: Re-entry and Splashdown.

And, of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without… wait for it… here it comes… extensive coverage of the event by The Onion.

78 Responses to “Best Science Write-up Ever: The Untold Story of Apollo 11”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Holy baloney! It’s her!

    Oops. Na, sorry. My bad. It’s just Neil Armstrong.

  2. bingbing Says:

    PS Counting back 15 hours from Tizona time (is that right?)… cripes you went to bed late… or is that early? For a weekday, anyway.

    • Angus Dei Says:


      Made the post after I had some sleep.

  3. VodkaBlogger Says:

    “Jesus H Christ in a chicken basket…Over” lol 🙂

  4. eggz Says:

    AFAIK MIT’s landing nav ‘puter didn’t allow for Buzz’s novel use of the ascent? radar during landing, thus data overload alarms just at the wrong moment; however, apparently, the s/w was dumping less critical data and so still functional for landing, despite the alarm; however, Neil manually guided the ship down (over an unanticipated extended boulder field, consuming much of the fuel) regardless – cool under pressure; hence, the junior man was made the mission leader – a good idea that they were test pilots vs sciencematists, non?

    • Angus Dei Says:

      When you look back on it from today’s perspective, with the technology we have versus the technology they had, there is no way that mission should have ended up in anything other than tragedy. Impossibly, they repeated the feat again and again with only one foul-up on Apollo 13, and even then they managed to get the crew home safely, by improvising something out of nothing with the stone age tech they had, and a brilliant ground crew.

      The Apollo program was a near miracle of perfect execution from any perspective. The Russians were beating their heads on desks and walls with envy back then.

  5. bingbing Says:

    Finally got round to reading the PM feature. Great stuff!

  6. alexa Says:

    this picture is false. at the cosmos isn’t a wind.

    • bingbing Says:

      Alexa. It can be really interesting looking into all this stuff. The Illuminati, the Obama deception, 12/21/12. The Mayan calendar, the Greys, and 9/11.

      The Zeitgeist.

      But sometimes, just some good solid facts are what does the trick.


      So just how did that flag wave

    • bingbing Says:


      Knock yourself out.

      And if that doesn’t work, try this.

  7. Andy Says:

    Hi, can you explain why the shadow of the flag post is completely the opposite direction to the mans shadow and the shadow of the space craft?

  8. monick Says:

    estos son unos estupidos que no saben nada idiotas

  9. political girl Says:

    Obviously put together by a bunch of youngsters who were not around when Apollo 11 landed on the moon and have no clue to how great and awe inspiring it truly was.

    Angus Dei has it right. When you compare the computers they had then, with what we have now, it truly was a miracle they survived, never mind even got there.

    And for Alexa, I hope you are kidding and not a clueless dope. The flag was suspended from a rod that stretched it out, otherwise it would have just hung from the pole.

  10. KCMike Says:

    The Mythbusters episode was briliiant. Alexa, perhaps you should do a bit of research before you post on the ‘net, showing others how you fail at life.

  11. big al Says:

    just think of all the money spent on space flihgt….we could have wiped out all the muslims.. what a loverly world it would be..cheaper flights to..

    • concerned m. Says:

      wiped out muslims? why you????

  12. thefrollickingmole Says:

    As you may notice we keep this site lightly moderated, thats not to be taken as a free for all. Keep it civil and you will find we will leave most posts on, left/right/green/blue/Muslim/Anti-Muslim. Just try not to get to over the top and keep it reasonably civil

  13. Kira Kun Madara Says:

    yeah you right… i believe American first foot on the moon…

    you believe The flag was waving?? ….or maybe Studio??

    Big AHW!!!… if you touch the flag at outer space it will be deform…. maybe Niel try to form the flag normal to take picture’s with…what a waste to arrange….. atles they made the mission succesful…


    Congrats to 3 gringgo Americano!!

  14. Aiysha Says:

    this is the biggest lie told by the Americans
    they have never been in a month. I say this just because they are enemies with the Russians

    • Tony Says:

      The biggest lie told by the americans is the one they told that terrorist were responsible for the 9/11 disaster!!

  15. Bob Mc Cane Says:

    Fake , fake and again fake… America never been on the moon.
    Find more info here ….

    • Steve Says:

      You are really Naive to think thats fake. Do you live in a Country whare Communism has clouded your brain? or posibly whare amaricans have freed you to speak such trash with no Respect or thanks..

  16. Chaitanya Misal Says:

    In the picture shown above, how is it that the Flag flutters?

    There is no atmosphere on the moon and hence no air. The flag should have been motionless. The picture is a hoax.

    • bingbing Says:

      Guys. This has been explained ad nausium. They used wires, to give it that effect, knowing full well there was bugger all atmosphere on the moon. i.e. bugger all wind. What? Let the flag droop? Na. Easy solution. Wires. Which is exactly what they did.

      As for the light. There was the sun. There was the Earth (does the moon give off light on Earth? Well think about how big each orb is then think about whether the Earth’s light would be reflected on the moon). And then we have the lights coming of the spacecraft itself. And the stars… not hindered by Earth’s atmosphere.

      PS FFS that particular link about the waving flag, and why it’s ‘waving’ is in a previous comment!

    • Michael Says:

      Probably trolling but I’ll respond anyway. I can’t see anything fluttering, it’s just a picture. But in the actual video it did oscillate a little after it was jostled during installation. Things can move even if there is no air you know. It’s a flexible flag. It obviously has a rod across the top to hold it up and as other said, has wires in it to attempt to keep it looking like a flag.

      As for oscillation in the video, you can expect a little resonance from something flexible like a flag in a vacuum with no air drag and less gravity.

  17. Mr. danger Says:

    i think that is fake.
    it was discovered that there are two light source from the surface of the helmet which means there are two suns?

    spacesuits can block the rays from the cosmos?
    why dont them land the moon one more times?

    i think no body had ever left the atmospheric layer.

    the above comment is coming from my ex-teacher.

    • bingbing Says:

      I’m a teacher. What did your teach teach you about rational thinking?

    • bingbing Says:

      Fuck it. I’ll teach you about rational thinking.

      Lesson 1: Don’t think like a fuckhead.

      They did land on the moon more than ‘one more times’.

      You have a shit teacher, dude. Basic grammar and spelling isn’t really that hard to learn… let alone teach.

    • bingbing Says:

      PS And use capital letters. Have some respect for your language and culture.

      PPS I’m 30. So don’t be giving me any old man shit.

  18. RR Says:

    It’s a great fun walking on the moon! Did Nasa had a Russian camera man on the moon already to video Armstrong???????? LOL can some one answer this.

  19. RavenMaven Says:

    To all the complete idiots that think this is fake I ask you the following questions:
    1. The Apollo 11 mission involved about 6000 people worldwide to pull off. It required the involvement of about 15 different nations and countless satellite tracking and telemetry stations around the globe. Millions of people could listen to portions of the flight on short wave radio as it occurred. Do you really think that NASA could convince all these people to support their “hoax” without ever having even so much as one person reveal it in 40 years?
    2. If you believe they did, do you further believe that they could pull that off NINE TIMES? after all, that is how many moon missions we flew.
    3. The flag is not “waving in the wind” it is hanging from metal rod suspended in zero gravity, doofus.
    4. The light sources in this photograph include three different lights on the lunar module, one on the camera itself, the sun, the earth, Venus, and about a million other stars.

    5. The camera that caught neil armstrong coming down the steps was mounted on the side of the lunar module. The camera that caught Buzz Aldrin coming down the steps was held by Neil Armstrong.

    6. Why do you go to such ridiculous lengths to cast doubt on your country’s crowning achievement rather than take pride in it? It makes you a fool.

  20. Capre Jugulum Says:

    I see there are a few troofer nutbags around this morning. Think about it kids, would thousands of people have kept a secret for 40 years about an event this momentous…….mmmm

    And what RavenMaven said too.

  21. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    This is absolutely fake, fake machinery, fake astronauts and fake cameras.. Haha.. I wonder why did the Americans fought the Russians ? Because Russia at that time is making ahead of the America in terms of military power, technology and money. With this fucking landing on the moon thing, they only staged it just for a show. All those shitty people who believes that they actually made it to the moon first, think twice.. coz Russians first land in the moon.. I am not saying this because I’m a Russian.. I am myself is a naturalized American citizen.. 🙂

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      “This is absolutely fake, fake machinery, fake astronauts and fake cameras”

      “I am myself is a naturalized American citizen”

      No Scott, you are a retarded knob jockey with the intellectual skills of a pustule.

  22. Angus Dei Says:

    Pustule. There’s a word you don’t get to use very often.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      I try to spread my vocabulary around, but it is a word that can be used in everyday situations.

      Like…..this melted cheese looks like the emmissions from a pustule or………..i got nothing else……just cheese, bugger

  23. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    @Carpe Jugulum

    No mate, you are the retarded knob jockey without the intellectual skills of a pustule. You’re simply nothing but a second rate trying hard copycat.

    Mind you mate, this is really fucking fake no matter how you defend it.

    Fake! Fake! Fake!

    • Angus Dei Says:

      You’ve obviously been PWN3D by a superior intellect, Carpe. Might as well just pack it in.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      You may be right Angus, obviously i could not compete with such a rapier like wit.

      So scotty how is at the shallow end of the gene pool and is Uncle Daddy well?

    • bingbing Says:

      Cavs, you’ve been outdone by the Phil Gould of the science world.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Evening Bing – I was thinking of the Maggie Baird of the science world (old TV show Mother & Son), or perhaps the Blocker Roach of the Einstein School. 🙂

  24. aotearoastyle Says:

    a , what mechanics provide the space craft with enough oxygen for both the crew on board plus the gas to be able to ignite and stay alight in a atmosphere that provides no oxygen to support the the essentual thing all fires need , oxygen , u would need a co2 converter , some kinda machine that can turn zero atmosphere or whatever into oxygen to supply all the needs to support life in outter space , b , even if that flag is susspended by a pole at the top that can clearly be seen what gereates the bottom section of the flag to be moving in the video footage if there no atmosphere and near zero gravity , c , what is keeping the space ship and the crew attached to the moon , doesnt matter what weight u have on youre shoes , near zero gravity applys to everything and weight does not apply in these situations so you would have to literally anchor yourself and the shuttle to the moon itself , yet in saying this , if there was no atmospheric pressure around the moon and if there was near zero gravity what is keeping the moon in orbit with the earth . if the moon is traviling around the earth while the earth is rotating around the sun and we get our atmospheric pressure and gravity from this presice rotation and the moon is rotating at twice the speed of the earth then how does the moon not have some kind of atmospheric preasure itself , or does the fact that it was once an alive planet that has died , after doing school studys on apllo 11 when i was younger and watching tom hank’s version of the movie n reading up on the actual subject ive never seen one of these other 8 moon landings or footage from ? with todays technology you think warner brothers or lionsgate films or something would be up there with a camera crew by now making real life action films right off the moon itself ! , you’d also think nasa would have built a substation on the moon also in the time since they first landed

    • Scott Phillips Mango Says:

      Exactly, there’s really a lot of speculations whether this footage is true or not.. Somehow I chose it to be on the fake side. There’s really such people like Carpe that will defend up to their last breath about something that they even did not experience themselves. Nuff said! =)

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Aaaaaaah, scotty…. I was at school when the moon landing occoured, so in a way i did experience the landing. I suppose you two retards also question;
      Viking landers on Mars.
      Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter
      Spirit and Opportunity
      Voyager visiting Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
      The Hubble Space Telescope
      Cosmic Background Explorer

      As for other images of moon landings go to NASA’s archives.

      Geez two conspiracy rent boys for the price of one, FFS

    • bingbing Says:

      ive never seen one of these other 8 moon landings or footage from ?

      But that’s not because it isn’t out there. Cripes, it was on CNN the other day. Ever hear of the astronaut playing golf up there?

      Ever hear of the feather and stone experiment? Sure, they fell at the same pace, but they did fall (hint: atmosphere).

      But back to why they did indeed fall. Perhaps this could be because the moon’s gravity is one-sixth that of Earth’s… not exactly what one should be calling “near zero”. Meaning? Things do stick to its surface, including all those fine particles of dust… let alone an astronaut with lead-weighted moon boots on.

      You see, things with mass also have gravity. The moon might look small from your room at your Mum’s house, but it’s actually pretty big.

      And jeez, even with a link demonstrating how the flag used metal rods and wires to give it that waving look, you still harp on. FFS.

      And why would they want a waving look? Coz the bloody thing would droop like a wet rag if they didn’t use them.

      Really, guys.

      Google some stuff apart from conspiracy theory whack job sites and it’s explained how they get rockets to fire in space, even though there’s no oxygen up there. How do you think they reposition satellites? How do you think the space shuttles get back to Earth every time?

      You know satellites are real, right? If not, then how the fuck can I, in Korea, call my mum back in Oz on a mobile phone? How do I watch a live Formula one, rugby or soccer match on my TV?

      And as for the substation? Why? Money’s one reason. Public interest is another. Mars is another.

      And moon dust is pretty useless… well, it will be until we get fusion reactor technology up to scratch and then it might be worth spending all that dough to go up there and get the HE3 which is the best material for those said reactors… a material impossibly rare on Earth.

      But at the moment, those reactors aren’t up to scratch and even if the moon was piled six metres high in gold, it wouldn’t be worth it to go there and get it.

      HE3 is another story however. Even a tiny bit would be worth millions.

      And in fact, there’s a company already set up that plans to mine the moon for HE3 but there’s not much use doing it now since, as mentioned before, we haven’t got the fusion reactors working well enough yet.

      Google, boys. Try key words such as Max Plank, HE3 moon rock, fusion reactors, how do rockets fire in space?

      Click the links in the above comment. Even, perhaps, read the post.

  25. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    Geez, Carpe.. Uncle Daddy is well and doing great. He has even congratulate you for being the smartest guy alive defending apollo 11 and the rest of crew. So… you did experience the actual moon landing eh ? at school ? dammit… did moon landing occurred at school ? Hahaha… What a crap! =)

  26. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    What now Carpe ? I bet you run out of soil to run into. Lol!

    • bingbing Says:

      Scott. If you continue with just personally attacking people, you will no longer be welcome on this blog.

      If you care to present some real evidence as to how the moon landings are fake, feel free to do so… and it’ll probably be debated. But just screaming ‘FAKE FAKE FAKE’ then personally abusing other bloggers reflects poorly on you.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Scotty, your faux russian accent is slipping, time you went back to paddling at the shallow end of the gene pool.

  27. Scott Phillips Mango Says:


    Fan chai xue gin han mei ling puangchi gan dao ban ?

    • bingbing Says:

      LOL. WTF?

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Isn’t that the number 7 combo with raman???

    • Angus Dei Says:

      General Tso’s Chicken for me please. Extra spicy. Keep the fortune cookie.

    • bingbing Says:

      Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon’s, one Vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it’s ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel. Got it?

  28. Scott Phillips Mango Says:


    ni hao ma ? gao chin xai si puk tai chan ?

  29. Scott Phillips Mango Says:


    Its time you take some daily does of metamphitamine hydrochloride with a shot of tequila combined with a glutathione. That will help you ease the pain you feel inside.. =)

    • bingbing Says:

      You sound like someone else we know. Could it be so?

  30. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    I guess so Bingbing… =)

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Time you started taking your SNRI’s again, your ‘russian’ accent appears to have diasappeared.

  31. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    Well Carpe, how can you be so sure that I have a russian accent when in fact you’re just sitting their in front of your puter and reading this blog ? You must’ve some sort of a mental telepathy or a telekenetic power that translates text into speech.. 😉

  32. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Time you started taking your medication again, i fear you may self harm.

    As for your faux accent go back and read your own dribble from 24 July, thinking before you hit submit would help.

    • Scott Phillips Mango Says:


      I’m starting to think that humans are really such gullible as you do and will consider relocating to the moon if time permits and technology will allow me for the sake of being separated from the polluted mind and catasthropic behaviour like you do.. 🙂

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      “I’m starting to think”

      No Scott, you aren’t.

  33. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    [deleted – say something constructive, Scott – ed.]

  34. Angus Dei Says:

    Hey Scott, you know what a Phillips Head Screwdriver is, don’t you? It’s not a fruit, like a Mango, it’s a tool… just like you (Though you may be a fruit too, for all I know).

    • Capre Jugulum Says:

      Now that is comedy……… is so hard to clean off the keyboard.

  35. bingbing Says:

    I’m sorry, Scott. I know this seems unfair but Angus and Carpe are both fully paid up VRWC members. My hands are tied. There’s nothing I can do. If you’re still mad about it, your best bet is to take it up with the Predjudiced Arguments Complaints Office.

    • Scott Phillips Mango Says:

      Haha.. Someone deleted my post because its not a constructive post.. But can you look at the post of Angus Dei and Carpe as well ? Isn’t that a nonconstructive post also ? I appears to be like an insult anyway. Loser!

      Hahahaha.. :p

    • Capre Jugulum Says:

      And Scott the petulant child has another whine, what is it champ? Mummy didn’t give you enough hugs, never got that ‘must have’ toy when you were 6.

  36. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    No Capre Jugulum, Capre ? It sounds like that tall monster-like creature from the creative minds of Filipinos or are you Capre in real life ?

    Anyways, i’ve got all I want when I was six CAPRE.. only to punch you is the hardest thing I could’ve achived.. 🙂

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Don’t know why i’m wasting the bandwidth, but what the hey.

      Scott, you will never have what it takes to man up to me, but i’m not going to be too harsh. Tell you what, when your testis descend and you get through those difficult puberty issues (girlies is fer kiss’in not hitt’in), you come back and see me ok, then i’ll give you a lesson.

      Either way, i was in Baghdad in uniform when you were in dads bag in liquid form.

      Time you moved on you low class emo rent-boy.

  37. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    Oh Carpe my dear.. You’re in Baghdad in uniform eh ? How poor you are.. Your mommy must’ve missed you so much because her little boy is out there in the field fighting with the alien like form that has come to conquer earth while I am sitting next to Obama eating lobsters and crispy fries.. :p

  38. Carpe Jugulum Says:


    • Scott Phillips Mango Says:

      Ulol mo! Putang ina kang gago ka! Isa kang ugok na kano. Siguro kinakantot mo ang nanay mo sa pwet at kumakain ka ng pekpek na merong tulo. Hahahaha. Isa kang kaawa-awang nilalang na kupal at mongoloids. Hehehe.. Peace Carpe!

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Wow, you ordered the No.7 combo with pork ramen on the side, i’m flattered.

      see below

  39. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Ecchi na no wa ikenai to omoimasu!

  40. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    Carpe, peace be on earth.. Kasi mahirap makipagtalo sa isang unggoy na puting katulad mo. Ang mga unggoy na puti ay sadyang hindi nagpapatalo pagdating sa debate at lalong-lalo na sa giyera. Kita mo nga naman, wala ng giyera sa buong mundo pero anong ginagawa nyo ? Andun pa rin kayong mga puting unggoy nagsisiksikan sa ibang bansa na para bang laging my giyera doon. E.g. South Korea, bakit meron pang mga puting unggoy doon ? Sa guam, sa philippines, nakikipag balikatan exercises kayo pero wala na kayong ginawa kundi ang magsamantala sa mga kababaihan namin. Dapat sa inyong mga puting unggoy eh binabalatan ng buhay hanggang sa tuluyan na kayong mabaog at mamatay.

    Ang Japan, inaakusahan nyong imperialista pero anong tawag sa ginagawa nyong pananakop sa halos lahat ng maliliit na isla sa buong mundo ? Hindi ba imperialistang matatawag yun ? :p

  41. Scott Phillips Mango Says:

    Carpe Jugulum has lost his capability of typing as well as his senses.. :p

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