North Korea should be a museum

Na, that’s it.

Video. Buggers me how to embed dailymotion, even with WordPress’ shitty tutorial.


What’s the word for amazing/pitiful/tragic/fascinating?

Part 2

It literally is like 1984 in real life. In the full sense of the word: fuck.


Before part 3 comes up. You’ll note Kim Jong-Il’s ‘classic’ story of his boots. He, as a kid, was wearing gumboots (rainboots or whatever you Yanks call ’em) and went out to play with his comrades. Er, friends? Anyway, his friends were wearing sneakers (did Korea [both sides] even have them when Kim Jong-il was kid?), and it was snowy, and his frien-er, comrades’ shoes were wet, so lil Kim ran back home in his gumboots and switched to sneakers. Er, so he could be one with his friends.

And such is the common misery of socialism and communism. The Left.

Part 3

But why not end this on a happy note? Take it away Lily.

Seriously, watch those vids. Astonishing stuff. Only one disclaimer. All Koreans talk in quite a direct manner. Whereas we would say, “Could I have a Coke, please?”, Koreans would say, “Here! Married woman. Coke, one bottle, please!”

The “funniest” thing is in part 3, the teachers talk about Kim Jong-il sharing his food. Ha! North Koreans starve whilst pot-bellied Kim himself recruits young middle school girls for his “Joy Brigades”.

One Response to “North Korea should be a museum”

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