F1 Confirmed

They’re all in for twenty ten.



Oh yeah, and there’ll be a race in Korea next year!!!11

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4 Responses to “F1 Confirmed”

  1. RebeccaH Says:

    I’ve been looking for DMinor in order to congratulate him on the arrival of Little D, and since I can’t find him…


    • bingbing Says:

      OK, a little O/T but no wakkas. That’d be Mini D #2 and just like D’s younger brother, he came out bigger, stronger, faster (but probably not smarter)… and with darker hair.

      Incidentally, Mokpo in Korea is staging a race in 2010. This is too awesome. Not only have Ferrari decided to stay but there’ll be a race in my “home” country!

      As they say in Korean, Assah!

  2. eggz Says:

    Got a taste of it leaving Seoul airport in the Hotel limo (Korean Benz look-alike thingy w/ Benz 3.2L V6) autobahn-storming at nothing less than 140km/h …

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    Part of me understands the spending cap in F1, especially with the current global economy, but another part hates to see it fall from the all-out, super-high-tech racing series it was. Many valuable automotive innovations start out in F1, trickle down to other series, and then end up in passenger cars.

    F1 is like the NASA of the automotive world.

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