Obama: the Vicks VapoRub of presidents

Paco and COTS can do (er, most of) the rest.


Thanks, COTS. Image shamelessly plundered from GraniteGrok.

Obama can take his Leftist moral equivalence and shove it.

Credit, though: he called on Palestine to stop blowing shit up. After that, it was noble (in a sub prime sense), yet fantasy land stuff. Not trying to be all Tall Poppy on the bloke, but a bit of realism never hurt anybody. Currently, this concept is obviously not registering in Obama’s mind. He has jumped down the rabbit hole and is swimming in a sea of mercury.


But such is all too often the case when I talk with Lefties. Surely there are a few here who can relate to this. For them it’s all about how the world should be, could be; that elusive Utopia. Dreaming the Dream. Hope. Yes We Can. Noble, yes. And sure, not any decent soul on the planet doesn’t want that.


Reality is just that: reality. We can’t just “hope away” the realities we have to deal with.

Not being pessimistic – far from it. It’s just that what Bush did was far, far more concrete in terms of eventually delivering that Utopia than any of the head-in-the-sand stuff the Left are coming up with.

2 Responses to “Obama: the Vicks VapoRub of presidents”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    So…..how does O’promter the Borgian reconcile being married to a Klingon………….. and………….. most importantly are there any weird DNA effects we should know about?

    Not like Muntant Ninja Turtles, sort of like klinborgs or reptile people or polar bears with a horse tail or 3 toed sloths with a human head or……….who knows

  2. VodkaBlogger Says:

    The speech was mostly good. I can see why some Israelis are not happy about it and its also clear why Palestinian terrorists aren’t too happy about it either. I would have preferred he actually name the countries he was calling out (Iran on nuclear weapons, Saudi Arabia on women) but I understand that there’s a bit of a diplomatic game to be played.

    What was really noticeable were the applause lines that were ignored by the audience and the ones that were embraced. Anything to do with criticising Israel? Applause. Anything calling out the Palestinian terrorists or un-democratic regimes in the region? Silence. A tough room.

    I’m hoping he’s going to be pragmatic in the region rather than utopian. Though I wouldn’t have voted for him and would’ve preferred a GOP rep in the White House, he’s also less than 150 days into a problem that has been festering for decades.

    For me it’s a reasonable speech and, if its followed up with some practical measures, it might turn out to be good. What’s scary is if all we get are speeches as words have done nothing to resolve problems in that region anytime in recent history.

    /my $0.02

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