An important election message from the British Labour Party.

Comical Ali scores his next gig.

Comical Ali scores his next gig.


As an addition to Agus’ post just how bad was the Labour result?


This bad

It may not have hit the mainstream news but you’ve got to chuckle that in St Ives Labour were beaten in the County Council elections by a candidate from the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.


He didn’t win, but Lord Toby Jug, Cambridgeshire’s first Loony candidate, was celebrating his best ever result in decades of political campaigning by winning 566 votes – well ahead of Labour’s two candidates who finished last.

“It is a Loony landslide. Democratic loonyism has arrived in St Ives,” said Lord Toby.

“People in St Ives have voted for the sanest candidate.”

St Ives was won by the Conservatives, with the Liberal Democrats in second place.

Lord Toby won 6.23 per cent of the vote, ahead of Labour’s Richard Allen on 362 and Angela Richards on 343.


Check the all seeing eye blog link above for the full story.

8 Responses to “An important election message from the British Labour Party.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Thank goodness for the two ‘l’s in that URL.

    • thefrollickingmole Says:

      Ha!! I didnt notice that till you pointed it out. Be a proctoligists blog if it was….

  2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Well the Gorgon & fellow troughers have been well and truly decimated. I thought the fallout from the expenses scandal was going to be bad, but wow, that surpasses bad and moves straight to devestation.

  3. Angus Dei Says:

    I never thought I’d become interested in British politics, but this is as entertaining as a train wreck.

  4. bingbing Says:

    Britain’s where it all started. Folly is a British word.

    Put it this way; that tiny tinpot country didn’t get to where it is (global language) by being dunces.

  5. Richard Sharpe Says:

    Hey all. It is a bit of a mixed bag I come home to. One one hand the Labour Party in the UK is collapsing into its own arse, and on the other hand, the ADF has managed to oust an incompetent goon only to have him replaced by a competent ideologue of the worst kind.

  6. Ross Says:

    Part of the problem for the Labour Party is that they are so indecisive that they can’t even mount a proper internal party coup lack any sane party would have done by now.

    Labour have had 19 leaders, of which only four have ever won an election, yet they have never ousted even the most useless leaders.

  7. mythusmage Says:

    If things go as they’ve gone before, expect a Conservative upset in the general elections. Which may be happening sooner than we expect.

    Recent events will also have an impact on US politics. California has seen the start of a revolution with the passage of Proposition 1G in the recent special election, and more and more people are starting to see President Obama as a problem more than a solution. The 2010 elections have a lot of promise in them.

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