Labour Meltdown in England

I hesitate to post this, because I really don’t know dick about English politics, but I’ve been reading about this expenses scandal for a few weeks, and England just had some elections.

Picture 1

In the US, red is conservative and blue is leftist, but in England it’s t’other way ’round. So, all of that blue is a good thing from the libertarian-conservative perspective (Though I’m betting England has no libertarians, since their conservatives seem leftist to American libertarians).

In any event, Brown has ministers resigning right and left, and Labour is obviously in full meltdown mode. Now, if only we here in the US could get our Democrats to suffer a similar fate.

Worst. Prime Minister. Ever.

[Iain Murray]

It’s train wreck day for Gordon Brown. Not only has the map of England turned blue, but one of the Cabinet Ministers he’s just reappointed may have quit in the middle of his press conference*. In that conference, he expressed defiance, which means that there will either have to be a swift political assassination (like mass resignations from his new cabinet) or there’ll be a bloodbath Labour will take decades to recover from. Tune to Iain Dale or Conservative Home for the latest in what is proving to be great political theater.

*Rumors are circulating that the next reality TV hit will be I’m a Cabinet Minister, Get Me Out of Here!”

Perhaps one of our English denizens could add a wee bit of perspective? ~hint, hint~

One Response to “Labour Meltdown in England”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Where’s Charlie when you need him? Who else do we have from that side of the Channel? VodkaBlogger’s nearby…

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