A view into the Leftist hivemind.

Shamelessly stolen from Boltas comes this story, http://blogs.news.com.au/heraldsun/andrewbolt/index.php/heraldsun/comments/a_degree_of_professional_protesting/

About the Sydney Universities “Centre for Peace and conflict studies”. I think they deserve a closer look.


Heres their website http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/centres/cpacs/about/index.shtml, I wonder what nonsense and lefty wankery can be found within?


No- Really hes the media lecturer.
No- Really hes the media lecturer.

More below the fold Caution, a little bit of swearing inside!

From their own front page blurb:

“The core unit offered is “Key Issues in Peace and Conflict Studies ”. Electives include topics such as human rights, conflict-resolving media, reconciliation, peace and poetry, peace and the environment, peacebuilding and conflict resolution, the United Nations, and religion, war and peace, gender and peace, peace through tourism and cultures of violence. ”

Ignoring the massive wankery that is most of these electives can you imagine a set of electives more likely to appeal to a bunch of wankers in your life?

Seminars & Conferences
Major conferences organised by the Centre include 1“Violence Against Women” (1994), 2“Managing Creatively, Human Agendas for Changing Times” (1996), 3“Corporate Success and Human Rights” (1997), 4“Globalisation, Employment and Quality of Life” (1998), and 5″New Directions in Conflict Intervention” (2008). 6Free public seminars are held regularly and have covered such topics as the India/Pakistan conflict, the Israel/Palestine conflict and the ‘war on terrorism’.

Ok can anyone guess what their positions on each of these were in less than ten seconds?  ( I added numbering to the above to make following it a bit easier)

1: Bad, nasty men

2: More money for the arts from taxpayers

3: Bad companies

4: Bad companies

5: Group hugs for peace dude!

6: Geez and you cant guess whos the innocent victims in the seminars mentioned either?

FFS what a load of wank, preaching to the converted and reinforcement of ideas the participants all ready have. If any of the conclusions didn’t match my little list Ill eat my hat.


Areas of research expertise and topics of externally funded research projects have included organisational conflict, non-violent policing, Aboriginal night patrols, disability policy, and mentoring the unemployed, the effects of racism on Lebanese youth in Australia, and United Nations Emergency Peace Service.


Yup because we all know police don’t face any violent situations that cant be controlled with an outpouring of empathy…. Racism on the Lebanese? FFS ask anyone from Sydney their opinion of the Lebs, or the activities of a significant number of their “yoofs”.


And that’s just the intro page!

Just how bad could the academic programme be?

“Peace and conflict studies is an interdisciplinaryfield of study which provides students with the knowledge and practical skills for a range of career associated with conflict resolution, international peace and security, social justice, human rights, and community and international development. For example, peace and conflict studies graduates work for the United Nations, international non-government organisations, local community organisations, universities and government departments, as peacebuilders, community workers, diplomats, academics, conflict resolution practitioners and researchers.”


Ah a ticket to ride the NGO/UN/Government gravy train from leaving uni till death. Well that explains why it exists then….


Most CPACS courses are taught during semester in 2-hour seminar format and have a focus on interactive learning. Areas of study available to students include peacebuilding and conflict resolution, reconciliation and conflict transformation, the United Nations and international security, cultures of violence, non-violence and social change, human rights and justice, peace and poetry, theatre and community development, peace and the environment, gender and development, history and philosophy of peace and conflict, and religion, war and peace. Some units of study are taught in intensive format in summer School or Winter School, including peace through tourism, conflict-resolving media, and the psychology of peace.


Another grab bag of trendy lefty causes. WTF is peacebuilding? Id be guessing it involves lots of No wAR For OiLL!!!!” protests. UN, of course, let me guess again, its the only hope for mankind? Cultures of violence, let me guess Islam isnt a big player except as victims? Poetry FFS stop bogarting the roach dude! Theatre? Oh yeah thatll work. Peace and the environment, anyone like to hazard a guess “honest” Al Gores fantasy palys a great role in that one? Gender=men are bad mmmkay…

Another section of “how do we justify our worldview” divorced from reality.


Now lets see whats the objectives of their “Global Action to Prevent War” section which their students are encouraged to take an internship in? Surely they aren’t too bad?


  • A phased program of global disarmament, conventional and nuclear, accompanied by deliberate augmentation of the peacekeeping capabilities of international organizations. The objectives here are to reduce the possibility of interstate war and genocide and gradually to shift the responsibility for international security to multilateral peacekeeping and legal institutions;
  • Continuing growth of the culture of peace.
    It is envisaged that such a programme would be implemented over the next three to four decades, with the disarmament process divided into four phases of five to ten years each.
  • Step 1: Disarm nation states and civilians

    Step 2: Arm and enforcement by nebulous international body (Ie: that bastion of respectability the UN)

    Step 3: ???

    Sterp 4: Profit

    Geez Im comfortable with that aren’t you? (or any other sane person, just reading that makes me want to go and buy some ammo)


    As for how rigorous their discipline is to study?


    Trans-disciplinary scholarship

    Most academic research focuses on ever narrower, ever deeper insights into closely-defined specialisations. In such research scholarly expertise is obtained through exclusion of that which is beyond each narrowing field of view. New specialisations and professions emerge from within sub-disciplines of older, broader fields of enquiry and work, and deep personal knowledge of more than one specialty is rare.

    Peace and Conflict Studies, however, bridges many conventional fields of study and disciplines. It is a holistic approach to study that involves integrating knowledge and practical experience from many sources.

    These sources include: philosophy, ethics, religion, sociology, social psychology, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, social work, anthropology, geography, environment, natural resources, sustainability, development studies, economics, trade, business and commerce, history, politics, international relations, game theory, military strategy, journalism and media, communications, mediation, conflict resolution, facilitation, local and international law, governance, community building, human needs theory, human rights and strategic non-violence.


    In other words we are training you to feel you are an expert in many fields, rather than admit you are learning a world view not a science. You can polish dog shit and call it a “multi faceted deep gem” but its still a turd. Nearly every one of those fields has a “deep study” discipline already attached to a UNI course. But by doing this course you become an expert in each of them? What a crock of shit.

    Now for a breakdown of their objectives.

    More specifically, GAPW in Australia should address the following issues:

    • developing a coherent Australian programme aimed at the long-term elimination of weapons of mass destruction – it would have three prongs:
      • unilateral initiatives (terminating all security links with the United states which directly and indirectly support its nuclear weapons arsenal)  (Oh good, and defence will be left to a bunch of mungbean eating hemp sandal wearing yogic flyers armed with group hugs)
      • advocacy in bilateral relations and in major international forums, in collaboration with like-minded countries, for the phased reductions of all WMD capabilities
      • joint initiatives with Asian and Pacific neighbours
    • strengthening the UN’s security role (including reform of UN Security Council, more effective peacekeeping, peacebuilding and crisis prevention arrangements, and a sounder financial base for the world body and its various agencies) (Lots more cash for the UN and positions for our graduates) and devising appropriate forms of Australian support and involvement (including the development of appropriate skills in the armed services, the police force, the civilian bureaucracy, and relevant professions and NGOs) (More positions for our graduates, all funded by you suckers)
    • enhancing Australia’s support for stronger global and regional mechanisms for the enactment and maintenance of international law by the international community, leading towards an eventual system of democratic world governance  (Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer? that line alone displays their divorce from normal people)
    • ensuring strong diplomatic, financial and organizational support by Australia for the International Criminal Court (and lobbying for greater support by Asian governments, including signing and ratification of Rome Treaty)
    • detailed scrutiny of Australia’s defence policies, capabilities and planned purchases to see how they could be brought into line with the main benchmarks of the GAPW programme (perhaps some modelling indicating the economic and social costs of war, and of Australia’s military expenditure)  (Again crack teams of bong water drinkers sent out to spread the vibe duuuudes!)
    • support for an enhanced regional (Southeast Asian and Pacific) capability for peacekeeping, crisis prevention and post-conflict reconstruction that is tailored to the needs, aspirations, and cultural sensitivities of these societies, and is in accordance with UN norms and authority (Otherwise known as deploying our armed forces as clay pigeons)
    • research and education highlighting the ‘civilianization’ of war.

    What might be GAPW’s contribution to this rather large agenda:

    • Public advocacy (including representations/submissions to political parties, more effective interventions in media, circulation of GAPW Charter inviting the endorsement of political [MPs], religious and other community leaders) (Classic Marxist, Gramscian tactics)
    • Research (adapting GAPW proposals to Australia’s specific circumstances
    • Education (injecting the GAPW agenda into schools and other educational institutions)  (brainwashing the young)
    • Networking (establishing more effective liaison nationally and internationally) (Why resist the hivemind….)

    Seriously these blokes need fucking off and told to get real jobs. The course is wholly concerned with making work for its graduates, and worshipping the UN (because the last big god, communism failed)


    Another section

    Peace Journalism

    Can be summed up in a few words. Propaganda as news reporting.


    And what is in their “Practicing Peace” section that outlines what they do?


    There are numerous specific issues for which CPACS has undertaken research, analysis, public education, peacebuilding, facilitation and peace-with-justice advocacy. These issues include gun control, reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australia, asylum-seeker policy, and the problem of prejudice in public affairs, politics and the media in Australia (for example against Muslims post 9-11 and the Bali bombings).

    Every one of these is a bleeding heart leftist wet dream, get rid of nasty guns, abase ourselves in apology from taking Australia from the stone age to rockets in 200 years, Asylum seekers as noble savages, Prejudice (because god knows it would be wrong to blame the individuals actions), Politics and the media, (all those pogroms against the muslims backed by the state I assume?).


    Theres plenty more sections andsubsections to delve into if you are so inclined. However if i can sum up what Ive found in a few words.


    They are teaching a worldview, not a science. Why my tax should fund an affirmation of leftist worldviews, devoted to securing government/UN/ NGOpositions in order to make more positions for its graduates is beyond me. Sydney Uni should be embarrassed to run this TAFE class mish mash of same minded scum.

    3 Responses to “A view into the Leftist hivemind.”

    1. Richard Sharpe Says:

      I was having dinner in Kampala with some UN civilians and NGO workers recently, (don’t ask why, it just happened that way OK!). During the conversation, one of the NGO types was talking about how lots of American Missionaries go to Uganda and build wells and schools and such. One of the UN bods leapt into action with “I just don’t understand the whole missionary thing!”.

      I very calmly pointed out to her that her friend, the NGO type, had packed up and left a very comfortable life in the US to fly to Africa in order to improve the lives of the people who live there. She did that not because there is awesome money in it, but because she felt that ideologically it was the right thing to do. I then asked the UN goon if that was a fair appraisal of the situation, she agreed, so I asked her how it was different for the missionaries?

      Realisation slowly dawned on her face as she grasped the point I had made. It was completely ruined later that night when the converation turned the The One, and I ended up with every single one of them shrieking at me all at the same time for daring to suggest that Sarah Palin was better qualified for the top job than he was.

    2. nilk Says:

      One thing that these courses and seminars and propfests never seem to address: What about people who refuse to disarm and still want to hurt you? How do you deal with someone who doesn’t want to hug you?

      • thefrollickingmole Says:

        Why bless your coal black heart there are no evil people only ones who havent been hugged enough….

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