In class today

At the end of this month, the adult students will be participating in an English contest whereby they’ll perform a short skit or song. One class decided to perform a traditional Korean folktale called Hungbu and Nolbu. The students ripped a script off the Net which, after first glance, I offered to modernize. Yes please, teacher. Please modernize for us.

Looking at it now (a few hours later), there’s a few bits that could use some further editing, but anyway, bingbing presents a traditional Korean folktale adapted for the modern era.


Lotteria is a Korean/Japanese hamburger chain.

The bulgogi burger is the most popular.


“Ya” means “hey (in a fighting sense)”.

“Oh jinja” means “oh really” or “oh shit”.

“Assah” means “yippee”.

“Babo” means “stupid”.


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