BingBing, Please Answer the White Courtesy Phone: NorK Attack “Imminent”

Things may have reached a tipping point with North Korea.

“U.N. Security Council resolutions are almost always a waste of time, but not always, and yesterday’s resolution presents North Korea with a major problem, and represents an escalation point in the continuing crisis. Just a few days ago, when the resolution was presented before the Council in draft form, North Korea issued a new threat, using the words “offensive” and “nuclear” in the same sentence maybe for the first time:

“Our nuclear deterrent will be a strong defensive means . . . as well as a merciless offensive means to deal a just retaliatory strike to those who touch the country’s dignity and sovereignty even a bit,” the state-run Minju Joson newspaper said in commentary carried by the official Korean Central News Agency…

* For these reasons, it is possible that North Korea’s economic situation is now so desperate, that North Korea is willing to go further than ever before in forcing the U.S., China, and others to pay up. Another nuclear test — or perhaps a military strike or other kind of attack against some nation — could be imminent.”

You really need to read the whole enchilada.


It is high time this dastardly regime was toppled, IMO. What’s the mood in the south, Bing?

6 Responses to “BingBing, Please Answer the White Courtesy Phone: NorK Attack “Imminent””

  1. bingbing Says:

    The mood? SOS. Same ol’ same ol’.

    Na, everything’s basically the same over here. Mention NK and the average (South) Korean yawns.

    Sounds like NK is on it’s knees. Not surprising since Kim Jong Il is on death’s door, considering the personality cult and all… plus his retard son… heard there’s three main ones. From memory (probably dodgy), eldest is a retard but there’s another one, #3, not from the main wife, who’s all groomed up.

    ‘Tis probably a bit serious considering the media doesn’t give a shit. Asian culture loves denialism. Arguably, western Leftist media culture loves it, too. Why worry about this when there’s climate change?

    But, anyway, it’s always been a bit serious.

    Maybe we’ll get lucky (even if I get dead) and get some excitement, but not likely. KJI will probably just quietly (er) die soon, his un-retarded son son will continue on ‘as normal’, and the Korean conundrum will continue.

    If I have any understanding of what arirang truly means, Kim Jong Il is about to die. Then, new ball game.

    If KJI really, truly is Korean, he won’t attack. It’s not in their nature. Not the hermit kingdom. Their threats have always been a chameleon, if you will, play on what the imperialist Japanese did (to them… oh and believe me, the rivalry is still there, just ask any first grader), and what the Americans, after that sleeping giant was awakened, copied. No, he wants a unified Korea before he dies. He probably realises he won’t get it, least especially his way, and he knows this, but he’s setting off the marching band nonetheless.

    PS No doubt all this is probably pissing off China, too. Probably hence why the South isn’t to mad. It’s all a message, north, south, don’t matter, that this patch of land is Korea.

    • bingbing Says:

      PPS That all made sense at the time. Blame the soju. Fact is, they have tried to attack in the past. The South found a whole heap of incursion tunnels a while back. Sleeping soldiers in their barracks have had their throats slit in the past.

      Main point still stands though. I doubt they’ll attack. They know they’d lose. Hope so, at least.

    • bingbing Says:

      PPPS That 3rd son is Western educated, somewhere in Europe, Switzerland maybe. Too hungover to dig it up.

      Anyway, it really does feel like KJI is trying to increase NK’s stash of bargaining chips before he carks it and his son has to deal with the conundrum. He’s probably a bit worried his son won’t be as hardline, won’t be as “Korean” as him, but like any father, is trying to do the best for his son.

      Strong elements of desperation can be seen, but what choice does he have?

      They can’t afford a war, even if they may be feeling a false sense of security due to Western media’s take on the Iraq war and Bush. But now Obama’s in, our Saviour and I think he knows that, too.

      Na, my bet’s on another nuke test, considering Obama still hasn’t really noticed him, and he’ll bleed us for cash.

      Actually, at the end of day, I have no idea. NK is such a headfuck. Anyone who claims they “know” is really just doing their best guess. I doubt China will let them do anything much, since global financial crisis or not, the West is worth too much to them.

      I’m really trying to think about this using every little facet I know about Korea, trying to explain the Korean mind yet still trying to make it all able to be understood by a Westerner.

      Not easy.

      Another nuke test, or maybe just a few more missile tests. If Obama still doesn’t notice him, then he may well lob one over the border but all out war? At this point, all things considering, no.

    • bingbing Says:


      With old, hawkish generals swarming like vultures, KJI simply has to do what he’s doing. He needs his son to be in as strong as, appeasing if you will, position as possible. He probably thinks the generals would throw the baby out with the bathwater if they got even half a chance. Then ego comes into it. The personality cult must continue if “North Korea” is to survive. Unless he has us chewing the ends of our fingers off by the time he falls off his perch, thus enabling a smooth transition of power to his son whilst keeping the generals happy, he knows he will have failed.

      Expect more tension, inversely proportional to how alive he is.

      Full credit to Obama, though, for ignoring him, making him squirm.

    • bingbing Says:


      South Koreans don’t really give a shit. They just wanna live out their lives normally. A few weeks back, when NK was all over the media and had us Westerners worried, my adult students kinda like just shrugged their shoulders, explaining they’d grown up with all this crap.

      For example. That doco I put up that PACO linked to a couple of weeks back? The kids fell asleep and their Korean teacher said it was boring.

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