In class today

The students are finally starting to get off their butts (as I should with regards to my apartment!) for this English contest coming up at the end of the month. One student in particular found something written in Korean which she directly translated into English. And I mean directly. That said, she’s no expert yet either. Whilst her effort so far has been admirable (there’s more to come on Thursday although it won’t be as ‘good’ since a higher-level student helped her out with the rest), it’s taken a little touching up…

It was written in pencil, then photocopied so the scan didn’t come out so well. So, I’ll just write what she wrote.


Good morning!

With smile You’ll be happy this moment. From xxxxx-dong [‘dong’ means ‘suburb – bing] office angel of smile give you greeting.

To smile is happy. This word is reasonable psychologist from France Robert Je Jork saies. This is after all smile over come cancer. And give the best happiness.

Now let’s go sea of smile.

Body is surprised suddenly to smile.

650 muscles are. To smile 235 muscles are.

So let’s light exercise.

Finger and finger toward for 5 seconds, to left for 5s, to right for 5s, backward for 5s wit haa and 1,2,3 after we hand lift down.

OK. Good. Once repeat. Thank you.

Now let’s clap ours hands in applause.

Long ways to go. Long ways to go…

Still, on second thoughts, maybe I should have just left it.

BTW, her English is better than my Korean.

4 Responses to “In class today”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    “office angel of smile give you greeting.”

    That is really sweet, please inform your student i’m going to use that line.

    Absolutely charming.

    • bingbing Says:

      Too much metal music? An 80s kid?

      When I saw that line, I thought angel of death.

      [Hollywood movie trailer voice-over dude]Tonight, Godlike Gladiators presents, the contest you’ve all been waiting for. The angel of smile, wing to horn with, the angel of DEEEAAAATTTTHHHH.

      [/Hollywood voice over dude]

    • bingbing Says:

      PS I changed the line but I will tell her what you said. NB In this case, these are adult students.

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