Sunday Brunch

In Korea, there’s a phenomenon known as ‘anju’, which means side dish, meaning you can’t just walk into a Korean establishment and start plugging away the soju. Koreans eat when they drink as opposed to grabbing a 3am kebab. Side dishes usually involve some kind of funky kimchi, or dried anchovies, maybe some tofu soup. Consequently, you can usually find bingbing at Burger King (aka Hungry Jacks) around 8am Tizona time on a Sunday. Hence, afterwards, any 11am Sunday Brunch would probably have to be a side dish, so to speak.

Some of you may have guessed the Tizona’s Sunday brunches are scheduled, not posted live, as apart from last weekend when my wallet was lifted, there’s no way in hell I’m up at that ungodly hour (11am Tizona time… 9am Korean time [either way]) on a Sunday.

Anyway, in the spirit of side dishes and Koreans occasionally getting things right, Tizona’s presents, with special thanks to bing’s Korean girlfriend who alerted him to it, today’s Sunday Brunch! Praise Jesus!


Yes, that photo was taken in Korea (you can tell by the viser cap, second from the left)… probably not in the North, though.


The Sunday Shooter!

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    […] or which, lest we forget from what I can gather is the world’s biggest spaghetti (love you, Korea!),  a reasonably large burger, and last but not least… pizza […]

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