Best Iran Protest Roundup: Tom Gross

I’ve been posting inane, funny stuff, mostly because other blogs are covering Iran so well. I’m just not equipped to do that. One of the best one-stop shopping roundups I’ve come across is at Tom Gross’ Mideast Media Analysis. Lots of video and the best analysis out there, IMO.

You could spend an hour there, and you should.

2 Responses to “Best Iran Protest Roundup: Tom Gross”

  1. VodkaBlogger Says:

    It’s not a specialist account but the summaries that Tatsuma has been putting together for the Iran threads is pretty damn good. The latest one is here (the third comment from the top).

    • bingbing Says:

      Thanks, Vodks, and thanks, Gus.

      Well, there’re two options. Let Iran implode. Or intervene and pull off a relatively easy regime change.

      Does Obama have the balls?

      He doesn’t need them.

      Let Iran implode.

      How? Just sit back and relax.

      If they don’t implode… what kind of government would be left holding Iran together?

      Easy mandate.

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