A dip into the minds of the loving lefties. Palin resignation edition.

Ive been on a little look over at the Wonkette blog, a fairly snarky lefty site, to see what they have to say about the resignation of Sarah Palin. Given that’s a fairly mainstream blog you’d expect a certain amount of decorum wouldn’t you?






Boy, some of these posters havesevere issues with projection, sexism and odd fantasies.

The article is pretty lame, the comments foul.


Under the fold are the “best” I spotted. There’s a heap, Im not even going to attempt to look at the daily Kos, the vileness there would be …special…


Sorry to recomment from prior post, but this is a quote from a comment at theimmoralmajority dot blogspot dot com:

Here’s the deal. I’m the anon who posted recently about the various media evidence of Sarah’s “dalliances” – in her early pageant contestant/seeking a journalism job days as well as video evidence of her affair while married to Todd. This was always in the hands of BOTH parties and I couldn’t figure out why it was being kept quiet.

The whispers I’m getting as someone who knows people MUCH more connected to the inner circle of decision makers surrounding everything the Repubnicans do (and no, I’m not fond of them after the stuff I’ve seen) – is that after the Sanford scandal the Repubsare cutting their losses. They worry that the media/sex stuff will come out soon on Sarah if they don’t take her off the playing field for a while, and because she’s such an evangelical/right wing heroine, again it’s going to make them look VERY bad. (Family values party is already taking a major beating.)

Karl Rove has been schooling Sarah quietly all along. Hence teaching her hate speech, how to always attack the other guy, etc. etc. instead of what sane politicians do which is to work for unity, functionality, etc. All the divisiveness that Karl is famous for.

Problem is, Sarah isn’t a very good pupil. She’s too rogue, too nuts to be useful in the political arena anymore. And with various media icebergs about to potentially hit, (she’s been blackmailed about this stuff for a while I’m told, hence the extreme weight loss, etc.) they need her to pull the old “I’m resigning to spend more time with my family” speech (code: I’m resigning before a new scandal destroys my career.)

She’s been promised that if she’s a good girl all that bad media info will magically “go away” (deals being quietly made in the background to make it disappear.) And she will get about two years of schooling and then be allowed to be a talking head at one of the right wing news organizations, possibly radio, possibly TV if she comes along really well and can get over her word salad problem. And she’ll make a helluva lot more money that way, anyway, plus she can rant about the family values stuff she’s so fond of since apparently her “people” are going to be directly responsible for the next coming of Jesus, etc. It’s very useful to have someone like her work as a paid propogandist. She was never really cut out for political office but will reinvent herself as a media talking head and also make up to $25,000 a speech on the speaker’s circuit. That’s what they’ll have her do first – lots of small speaking engagements out of the major cities to get her training, gradually working up to the big venues if she can handle it.

Right now her handlers aren’t sure if she’s up for any of it, but they are making promises to her that if she goes along with their agenda she will resurface and resurrect herself within two years as an important “voice” for that segment of the party that loves the conservative hristian, right wing, point of view.

The interesting thing is this – the Democrats have full knowledge of the media material that is so damaging on her. They’ve been holding onto it for a year or so. I’venever been sure why they never leaked it. So will they wait until she establishes herself as a conservative Fauxfamily values talking head, give her a year or so, and THEN leak the stuff? Or are the Repugs going to be able to make a deal and get them ot back off? I’m not sure what their strategy is but my intel says that at this point they are notgoing forward with leaking the material – unfortunately!


Lionel Hutz Esq. <!–at 7:19 pm, July 3rd, 2009 –>says at 7:19 pm, July 3rd, 2009Reply

I’m still holding out for video of her, First Dude and Greta Van Sustren in a three way.

Or her dropping Bristol’s kid on his head.

Either would be fine.


(The next 2 are in response to the sex tape allegation above)

Witsendnj: That made me cum, but if it’s all bullshit and she resigned just to manage the new Wasilla Arby’s, or Todd’s start-up Arctic Snowmobile League, I’d believe that too.

  • Advocatus_Diaboli <!–at 7:28 pm, July 3rd, 2009 –>says at 7:28 pm, July 3rd, 2009Reply

    Witsendnj: That’s a good theory, but it is about 3,000 times more well-thought out than anything I saw today.



    She’s totally butt-pregnant.


    She plans on failing at something every month to keep in the limelight. Hey , it kinda works for her.

    Next week, there will be a live press conference to reveal the reason why she’s quitting, her secret mutant quato baby. Special needs to the 100th power! Top that.


    ryang: WIN

    I think the AK stage was too small for her after she got a taste of the “high life” of national media attention. No other governor, male or female, would havespent as much time on the Letterman thing unless they wanted to keep their name on the minds of the national media. She has 78 percent of the GOP electorate giving her “favorable” ratings, while 45 percent of the general public (FOX News, so take it with a grain of salt). She’s not going to go far. There are too many other, non-crazy, political retirees who’ve been in the business a lot longer (hell, Pawlenty will serve out his term). She’s quitting to focus on running for Preznit in ‘12. Why she didn’t have the guts to say it today is beyond me. But, it will limit her in the primary. It’s one thing to run and win for US Senate and run for Pres., but she’s going to have a lot of ’splainin to do as to why she’s leaving AK this way…

    Either that or another daughter is pregnant by Levi Johnston.


    ultra_maroon <!–at 8:28 pm, July 3rd, 2009 –>says at 8:28 pm, July 3rd, 2009Reply

    I’m betting we’re about to learn that Letterman was closer to the truth than she claimed.


    Vanity Smurf <!–at 8:37 pm, July 3rd, 2009 –>says at 8:37 pm, July 3rd, 2009Reply

    ultra_maroon: That might be a bonus, but she’s shown plenty of times before that she doesn’t give a shit about any of those kids. They are there to be used a shields and props. She’s not resigning because of something as inconsequential as a pregnant 14 year old. No, she’s about to do a perp walk for something.


    I’m just preparing myself for pics of Sarah sporting a strap-on.
    You KNOW they’re out there.


    ChickenTeriyakiBoy <!–at 9:23 pm, July 3rd, 2009 –>says at 9:23 pm, July 3rd, 2009Reply

    My sources at the RNC tell me that she has joined the cast of Real World D.C…as the neurotic, over-achieving anal-whore.


    Loser VP candidate Palin aspires to be the Republican John Edwards (pointlessly camping out in Iowa for the next three years). And what are the chances that a bimbo like her won’t also have an affair on the long, dusty campaign trail? (Though, unlike Edwards, she may just terminate the “evidence” instead of getting photographed holding it.) I bet this gal’s sexual history puts Bill Clinton’s to shame, rapes included (on both sides, insert McCain’s rape joke here). And her lipstick tattoo was made for the campaign trail.


    If, as she says, the world needs more Trigs, I imagine the Chinese already have a factory gearing up to make them. We don’t need Sarah getting pregnant every 6 months just to kick up the Trig quota. Just my view. Disagree if you like.


    As long as we see the end of square, rimless eyeglasses, hair tied behind the head and red ‘come-fuck-me’ high heels I’m happy.
    Although I would like to see Todd smash into a big tree on his snow ‘machine.’


    daisydukes: What about all us macho liberal men who just want to hate fuck her?


    Smoke Filled Roommate: What, like sodomizing Trig or something? No way—That would be in extremely poor taste, and offensive to the dead man’s family.


    ivenson: “P.S. Did you hear that Palin has a special needs baby?”

    I think you must be referring to the “look, I-didn’t-abort-this-retard prop baby?”Not that she didn’t try. Talk about late term: Go into labor, finish speech in Houston, water breaks (when chance of infection goes up incrementally) take loooongflight to AK, including changing planes in Seattle, drive past Anchorage state-of-art neonatal ward to deliver the kid in a bush hospital. If that ain’t trying to lose the kid–in the cruelest fashion possible–I don’t know what is. Oh, and naming the poor kid after Roy Rogers’s horse and dressing up the kid in Dumbo ears and parading him around a convention hall in front of the cameras.

    What a mom–when being warned that Philly fans are the biggest assholes on earth, saying “we’ll put Piper in a Flyers jersey and see if they they boo her” and dragging the little girl out on the ice where she meets ugly, ugly reaction. Forcing her daughter to have and keep a baby after which Bristol wistfully says, “I wish this were ten years from now. I wish I could have an education and a career.” Oh, yeah.

    This bitch is really mother of the fucking year.


    imissopus: “What about all us macho liberal men who just want to hate fuck her?”

    wouldn’t be worth it, not even for hate. she’s notthat attractive physically, you’d have to listen to her talk, and afterwards she’d want money. just not worth it, no amount of macho or liberal will make it so.


    decora: ” different and special in it’s own way.”

    Like little baby Trigger.


    DeLand DeLakes <!–at 1:40 am, July 4th, 2009 –>says at 1:40 am, July 4th, 2009Reply

    daisydukes: Mmmm-hmmmm. I’m so jealous that I went out and got my twat surgically extended down to my knees, the better to simulate the effects of crapping out a new kid every six weeks.


    slappypaddy: She might not look so bad in her dress-up clothes, but after five kids — one of them long after her skin lost its resiliance — she can’t look too great naked. Unless Todd spent that half-mil on plastic surgery instead of legal fees.


    gurukalehuru <!–at 4:42 am, July 4th, 2009 –>says at 4:42 am, July 4th, 2009Reply

    I’m amazed that I’ve read all the way through these comments and haven’t heard what seems to me to be the obvious:
    new information on the vagina-of-steel, flight from Texas story, and proof that Trigger really IS Bristol’s baby, and Tripper was either the result of a coerced pregnancy or they bought the little booger at babies.com.


    Please feel free to send this post to any lefty twat that wants to say how nasty and mean those right wing bloggers are.  FFS the sheer foulness of those comments on a mainstream blog sickens me. Not much of it in a parody of humorous style, just plain sickness and hate.

    9 Responses to “A dip into the minds of the loving lefties. Palin resignation edition.”

    1. Boy on a bike Says:

      Shouldn’t that be “Palin’s family” rather than “Palins family”?

      Typical lefties – don’t know where to stick a posessive apostrophe. Dumb and stupid. And mad.

    2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

      WOW…. the moonbats & leftards are out in force today.

      My reasoning is that Sarah Palin is a successful woman, who has achieved a lot in her life and has, by and large, the typical dysfunctional family most of us have (with some exceptions). Yet still was able to gain high office and become successful in that office. To her detractors from huffpo & MSMTV america, you have shown the worst of human nature when you attacked not only children but a child with downs syndrome, i suspect there is a special place in hell for you and i hope you enter it sooner rather than later.

      As for sarah Palin, reesigning her office frees her up from vexatious litigation as a politician to the point where she can pursue the same people in civil court.

      Never in my 46 years on this planet have i see a political figure pursued with such venom from the media, they have shown themselves to be the craven churls that they are, and as America becomes bankrupt they will see the folly of the cult of charisma as opposed to the sanity of the style of sound management that Sarah Palin delivered.

      To the leftard commenters above I truly hope you are infertile because the gene pool couldn’t stand the pollution you bring, & shouldn’t you be sheep shagging at this time of day.

    3. nilk Says:

      From over at Kos:
      “shiny object.” too much time and money has been wasted on this know-nothing extremist simpleton. low education and no heart or soul for governance. she’s a mother who’s been distracted from her family’s needs.

      And here I thought being a housewife was frowned upon by the lefty feminasty types. Unless you’re a conservative woman, and then you should be in the house out of site.

    4. RebeccaH Says:

      It nauseates me to see the ugly hatefulness that people can sink to. All Sarah Palin ever did was stick to her principles, love her family, and talk to America about American ideals. And yet, for that, she and her family became the targets of some of the worst abuse I have ever seen in my life.

      So why don’t these lefty Huffpo/Kos types put on some sheets and go burn a cross in her front yard? That’ll show her… and show them up for what they really are.

    5. Angus Dei Says:

      Forgetting about the leftard gutter sluts for a moment – their moral, ethical, and intellectual bankruptcy has been evident to me for over a decade now – I’ve been reading all of the real analysis about why Sarah would make this move at this time (Like all analyses, most of them are BS), and the most likely answer boils down to, “Who needs this shit?”

      She said the decision was a unanimous one made by her family, so I’m sure they were all just sick to death of all of the trumped up ethics charges (15 filed/15 dismissed – can we please kill all the lawyers now?), perverted jokes (Looks like Letterman gets his material from the comments at Wankette), and constant leftard government media broadsides.

      She can make a shit-load more money outside of government now, while spending more time with her family, and not have to deal with much of the bullshit.

      Personally, I would have preferred that she tough it out and finish her term, but I certainly understand the decision, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been made an offer that we’re not aware of as yet.

    6. Ellie in T.O. Says:

      But remember: it’s the conservatives that are misogynist.

    7. Patrick Chester Says:

      So why don’t these lefty Huffpo/Kos types put on some sheets and go burn a cross in her front yard?

      The Palins are armed.

    8. Spiny Norman Says:

      Excellent point, Patrick.

    9. bingbing Says:

      Pretty warped stuff. And hey, Tim linked to us! Yay!

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