The Palin Show?

Possibly so, argues Roger Stone. And he thinks she made the right move retiring from politics.

“She has a national political base,” Stone says. “Mitt Romney does not have that; Haley Barbour does not have that; Charlie Crist doesn’t have that. None of the other potential presidential candidates who’ve been mentioned have that.

Palin has now freed herself to cultivate that base, but more importantly, to go on television, Stone says, noting working in a packaged, controlled environment will help correct public misperceptions of her.

Hmm, maybe she could invite Letterman on her show.

One Response to “The Palin Show?”

  1. Mr. Bingley Says:

    I *think* it may be a smart move: the only headlines about her in the MSM are amazingly negative and nasty, so why feed the trolls for the next two years?

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