Lost in Translation

Bing’s friend, on the phone: Hi. What are you doing?
Korean lady: I’m playing with myself.
Bing’s friend: Why are you doing that?
Korean lady: Because my boyfriend isn’t here.

Subtlety of language was later explained to said lady…

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Obama’s top scientist

Obama’s newly appointed science czar, John Holdren, wants forced abortions and mass sterilization… to save the planet, of course.

Welcome to the Left.

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Jailbait: Obama Ogles Brazilian Beauty Booty

This photo of President Obama ogling a Brazilian girl’s – admittedly tasty – bottom has been making the rounds…


…but I didn’t want to post it until I had the rest of the story.

“The Brazilian representative, the carioca (from Rio de Janeiro) Mayara Tavares, a 16-year-old beauty on its way to meet Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, caught the eyes of a discreet Nicolas Sarkozy and a much less discreet Barack Obama, the presidents of France and the United States respectively.

The picture showing Obama’s covetous gaze at the girl’s derriere has become very popular in the Internet. The site Drudge Report made fun of the scene with the headline: “Second Stimulus Package.” The American president was shown again close to the Brazilian beauty in much more circumspect pose (see above).”

Here’s a shot of Obama’s jailbait fantasy girl from a more, ahem, decent perspective.


Well, Gawker sorta/kinda rushed to Obama’s defense with a frame by frame analysis of the executive ogle.

“ABC News has come up with video purporting to prove that Barack Obama did not lasciviously check out a woman’s ass in Rome yesterday. We undertook a Zapruder treatment and determined that he probably did, but had no choice.

Last night, a photograph emerged showing what appeared to be our president ostentatiously enjoying the rump of a young “junior G8 delegate” during a public event in Rome. It naturally made waves on the Internet, starting with Matt Drudge, since it looked a lot like Obama was enjoying the view. But this morning, ABC News aired video of the same event that seemed to exonerate Obama. We concur, with reservations.”

Uh huh. Sure. That’ll satisfy Michelle.

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