Jakarta blasts, the unhinged attack…

As most people are probably aware a number of blasts and deaths have been reported in Indonesia due to a terrorist attack.


I was going to post on the attacks but many others are doing a much better job, instead I thought to myself “Hmmm what if i put the search termsjakarta blast mossadin my google search engine.


There’s some sad shits on the Internet, here’s a sample.

Mossad Bombs explode at 2 hotels in Indonesian capital; four killed


Zionist spreading the War on Terra to another Muslim Country… No Jewish victims reported

Quite apart from appalling illiteracy, this post just makes the assertion because no-one Jewish was killed, it must have been a Jewish plot….


Check the first 2 comments on this thread


NO Muslim could do such a thing.  It must be George Bush, the CIA and mossad since they have the most to gain.  Obama knew about it and approved it.   Think about it…


Why are people so strange?

Cant we just waterboard these people with their own urine till they grow a brain?

Racism sux

Big night. Got so pissed off. Why? I was treated with so much disdain. Simply because I’m a foreigner. I cop this racist shit so much over here. Being treated like a fucking novelty act. Being treated with contempt. Being treated like somehow I don’t qualify as a true human being. And it sucks that Koreans will always see me as a foreigner, no matter how much I bow and speak their language (mind you, I cop many wonderful things, too, but still).

And I’ve been chatting with my girl. She lived in Melbourne for two years. She’s Korean. And she literally had people walk up to her and tell her to ‘get out of here’ (mind you, she also had many wonderful experiences, too).

Point blank.

Racism sucks.

Don’t any prick dare call themselves truly right wing and be racist. A true right-winger is anything but racist.

Did I mention I fucking hate racism?

PS DJ Dimitri from France was truly wonderful. VB might have heard of him.

But yeah, racism can go suck it’s own taint. To be honest, I don’t think there’s anything I truly hate except racism… and pedophiles. I’d tell it to lick its own nutsack, but it doesn’t have one.


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