Obama does Monty Python… Healthcare

I stumbled across this filmclip over at Richards 3 beers later blog, now is it just me or does Obamas “Dr Placebo” shtick have undertones of a certain Monty python skit.

Watch and compare.

1 st Dr Obama effectively saying “your mother is to old, she should take pills and wait to die…”


The Python clip, Dr Obama comes in at around 2:30 into it.


“That’s what I’m here for, to reassure you”… FFS there is a case for elderly to have do not resuscitate, IF THEY CHOOSE, but if they, or their family can afford it, why shouldn’t they get the best medical care they can afford?

Obama is busy looking at it as a zero sum game. If granny has an operation, then little Billy the orphan cant have one. If you believe that crap then what hes saying is justifiable.

However isn’t the reality that the full fee operation (Im assuming granny is paying her own way)is making the hospital/surgeon/employees, quite a bit of money. That money is taxed,  a portion ending up in government coffers anyway. This allows for little Billy to be treated (maybe not top tier, but he will receive something) The hospital can justify training more doctors, opening more wards etc, because its making money. All this is generating more availability of health services, as long as you can pay.

Why shouldn’t your health care be linked to the amount of money you set aside for it?

Why should it be left to a faceless bureaucrat to make the decision?

Can someone tell me what the government does run well?

Can someone tell me what the government does run well?


And for those who think an “all free” system like Australia’s is better…

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Hilarious Hillary

She’s declaring the US is back in Asia. Er, Hills, the US never left Asia. The six-party talks come to mind.

But speaking of such, the great DemFem announces that she’ll be discussing North Korea… whilst at a Phuket resort.

Yep. Lot’s will come from that I’m sure. Thailand is certainly the goto place when one wants to solve the North Korean problem.

Here’s some news for you Hillary. North Korea won’t ever be ‘solved’ until its regime collapses or is destroyed.

The South Koreans are hard enough to deal with, let alone those extortionist bastards up North.

Homo oecologicus

They’re dead serious (I think), but that didn’t stop me from laughing at every sentence. You couldn’t satirise gobbledegook this well.

Even by academic humanities standards, it’s a painful abuse of the English language.

Hit count 70,000… for today

Suddenly, we got a huge hit count today. Seventy thousand plus. So if you wanna post here, it seems you have an audience.

And as much as life is ‘not fair’, well, we do what we can and it usually sounds good.

Bitch, moan, complain, vent, expose, inform, enlighten…

And speakin’ of not fair… a song to celebrate!

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Oi, moonbats. Get over it.

Man landed on the moon.

And fuck you if you need a link.

You’re probably the same pricks who think man-made CO2 drives climate change.

So why did the Soviets expose it as fake, since, like you know, it was the peak of the Cold War an’ all?

Oi wait.

They didn’t.

Even with all their satellites etc.

Why is that? At least give us a decent conspiracy. Not one involving hundreds of thousands of people. Make it evil. A select bunch. Na, don’t call them Illuminati. That’s been done. Probably best to make them smart aliens. Disregard that smart aliens probably could land on the moon, anyway.

Hey! Here’s one! Smart aliens helping humans. It ties in perfectly to Men in Black, the microwave etc.

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