Oi, moonbats. Get over it.

Man landed on the moon.

And fuck you if you need a link.

You’re probably the same pricks who think man-made CO2 drives climate change.

So why did the Soviets expose it as fake, since, like you know, it was the peak of the Cold War an’ all?

Oi wait.

They didn’t.

Even with all their satellites etc.

Why is that? At least give us a decent conspiracy. Not one involving hundreds of thousands of people. Make it evil. A select bunch. Na, don’t call them Illuminati. That’s been done. Probably best to make them smart aliens. Disregard that smart aliens probably could land on the moon, anyway.

Hey! Here’s one! Smart aliens helping humans. It ties in perfectly to Men in Black, the microwave etc.

Well, SAY something...

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