Where Motorcycles Kill Cars: Hyabusa versus Carrera

Even with the Porsche driver taking up both lanes of the road to keep the bike behind him – driving like a typical car dick, in other words – he hasn’t got a chance when the merest straight opens up. The Suzuki pilot drinks his milkshake.

I love to ride twisty roads like that. Just watching that video gives me Pavlovian reactions in my throttle wrist and shifting ankle.

Sunday Brunch

First, the whine. Getting ripped off again by those bloody Koreans. They won’t even write me a reference. No, not because of a bad job done, but the game of musical chairs that is Korean bureauracy means that after two years of service, none of my “bosses” have been there long enough to know me and therefore write one.

Anyway, enough of the whine. Now here’s the cheese.


And since VodkaBlogger is off in cahoots with vague European girls, here’s a Sunday Shooter… a shot of Bourbon… well from Bourbon (St) anyway.

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