Madonna is in Hideously Good Shape

Before, circa 1980:


After, 2009:


Full story.

Can you imagine how caved in her cheeks would be without the implants? I admire people who stay in shape – I work out on my Bowflex regularly – but that’s just frightening, not to mention the opposite of sexy.

P.S. The images aren’t loading for me right now, but almost our entire media library seems to be doing the same thing, as I look at it. WP may be having issues, so I’ll check the post later and re-attach the pics if need be.

Stop the ETS

The ETS, aka Emissions Trading Scheme, is a tax that will be imposed on all Australian people, and any company trading in Australia, who/that use CO2.

Science tells us only 0.04 percent of the atmosphere is CO2. Science tells us only 5 percent of total CO2 is man-made. It is obvious man-made CO2 does NOT cause climate change. Australia contributes 1 percent of man-made CO2. Stop this useless ETS TAX.

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