North Korea opens luxury resort

Apparently, it’s for the average folks up there.

In a congratulatory speech, Kim Ki-nam said the hotel was “another proud creation built thanks to leader Kim Jong-il’s love of the people in the military-first era.”


The completion ceremony was attended by key leaders of the party, the government and the military…

But not by strokeboy. Why?

Where is North Korean leader Kim Jung-il recuperating? Pictures published by the official media seem to confirm that Kim is suffering the effects of a stroke, since he seems to have lost the use of his left arm. Chances are he is in hospital or recuperating at one of his villas, an intelligence official speculated Monday.

Kim Jong-il is known to have 24 villas across the country, most of which are equipped with medical facilities comparable to those of hospitals.


Meanwhile, why not give them even more money by visiting their new ski resort? It’ll, er, help their people.

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