Yes… escaped Siberian chipmunks… not death squad squirrels…

Memo to all VRWC operatives:

Somehow, a few of the top secret illerkay quirrelsay seem to have gone missing. Karl is most unhappy as he was planning on a “bring your own nuts” lefty convention on a certain death island a lovely tropical resort later on this week.

There may be a reward for the first operative to squeal do the right thing and own up for/dob in the persons responsible for this little mess as well.

Mum attacked by killer chipmunk (ok, at least the cover story is holding up).

YOUNG mum told yesterday how she is too frightened to go in her garden – after she was attacked by a “killer” Siberian chipmunk.

I might add this isn’t the first instance of this happening and it’s beginning to look suspiciously like incompetence… and we all know how Karl feels about that…

Karl's personal pet, Mr Snuggles.

Karl's personal pet, Mr Snuggles.

More below the fold…

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If you need it, take it.

Vereen is in jail. His brother says he has mental problems and may not have been taking his medicine.

Hot old cars! The Stanley Steamer.

The local rag (West Australian) had a story in it today about a rather “hot” old car they use to keep their engineering students up to scratch on the latest in pressure vessel tech such as that used on Nuclear power facilities and some shipping.

The high tech power plant...

The high tech power plant...


I hadn’t heard of these particular vehicles before and they seem way cool, considering when they were built.  And the sheer terror of the thought of a 1920’s vehicle being able to reach speeds of up to 160kph is enough to send your hair white.

The down to earth description of the tech does demystify it a little though.

“It is a great big Bunsen burner under a kettle,” he said. “Understanding steam is essential because around one-third of shipping involves steam power and nuclear power plants are also steam-driven.


More below the fold, I love the sound of these old things…

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