Aussie Ian Plimer: “Global Warming is the New Religion of First World Urban Elites.”

Here’s an Australian I actually like (As opposed to those who post and comment here. LOL!):


Humans are hard wired to be religious – that’s just a self-evident fact – and if you give up one form of religion, another will take it’s place. For the AGW crowd, this means that since Christianity and Judaism are pase and un-PC, Anthropomorphic Global Warming is the new politically correct religion.

“Ian Plimer has outraged the ayatollahs of purist environmentalism, the Torquemadas of the doctrine of global warming, and he seems to relish the damnation they heap on him.

Plimer is a geologist, professor of mining geology at Adelaide University, [Mole must be this guy – Beef] and he may well be Australia’s best-known and most notorious academic.

Plimer, you see, is an unremitting critic of “anthropogenic global warming” — man-made climate change to you and me — and the current environmental orthodoxy that if we change our polluting ways, global warming can be reversed.”

Read the whole enchilada. We need more men like this, standing athwart politically correct and factually wrong PC dogma, yelling, “Bullshit!”

Here’s an earlier diatribe of his which hits every possible nail on the head. Again, digest the entire enchilada.

Fuck leftard urban elites. They don’t know Dick Johnson about Doodly Squat.

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