Irony, the stuff greenies hate.

Price rise for ‘green’ power is under fire

My local paper has another story of greenies meeting reality today, and they dont like it.

Environmentalists are angry at a move by Synergy to lift “green” power prices about 35 per cent from today.

Ah hippie tears, falling like rain onto the parched earth.


We lucky people here in WA just copped a huge slug (23%) of energy price rise in the last month or so, so this comes on top of that. Beautiful.


the playbook.

the playbook.

More below the fold, some NSFW language.

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English test.

With thanks to a certain lady for providing such test.


Click pic, hit Ctrl+ and/or F11.

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From our spam queue

From:Mr.steve albert
Operational Manager
Credit Suisse Bank
One Cabot Square
London E14 4QJ – United Kingdom.

I am Mr.steve albert a British citizen and I work with Credit
Suisse Bank London UK.
I am the accounting officer of Mr.William Wise who died on the recent bomb
blast which occurred in London on the 7th of July 2005.
Mr.William Wise who is our Client left the sum of fiften Million five
hundred thousand Dollars ($15,500.000.00) for deposit, this
Amount is yet to be credited in his favour before he died on the recent
bomb blast in London. I want you to open an account with my Bank or send
your bank information so that I can credit this amount to you while you
shall receive 40% of the fund I and my
colleague will have 60%.
If you are interested in this transaction please fill the form below
and get back to me immediatly.
Please,provide me the following: as we have 5 days to run it through.
this is very very URGENT PLEASE.

FULL NAMES:________________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH:_____________________________________
COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE:___________________________
MARITAL STATUS:__________________________________
HOME ADDRESS:____________________________________
OFFICE ADDRESS:___________________________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER:________________________________
FAX NUMBER:________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS:_____________________________________
NEXT OF KIN:___________________________________

All relevant information will be given to you, when you contact me on my
Treat with utmost confidentiality.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. steve albert.


Seriously, should there really be too much sympathy for those who fall for these scams?

PS Scamming people thanks to an Islamic terrorist attack. How low can you go?

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