Irony, the stuff greenies hate.

Price rise for ‘green’ power is under fire

My local paper has another story of greenies meeting reality today, and they dont like it.

Environmentalists are angry at a move by Synergy to lift “green” power prices about 35 per cent from today.

Ah hippie tears, falling like rain onto the parched earth.


We lucky people here in WA just copped a huge slug (23%) of energy price rise in the last month or so, so this comes on top of that. Beautiful.


the playbook.

the playbook.

More below the fold, some NSFW language.

But Synergy says the change, more than a recent 23 per cent increase in standard electricity charges, reflects the higher cost of sourcing limited renewable energy supplies to satisfy increasing demand for the clean energy option.
In addition, it says the cost of generating power from existing wind and solar projects has risen because of more expensive inputs such as backup facilities.

(Funny how the backup isn’t usually included in the worlds of unicorn dung powered  reactors..)


The decision will increase power bills by $335 a year for the average household choosing to buy 100 per cent NaturalPower, or about $110 more than regular electricity users were hit with in the May Budget.

Can I just say to the greenies who want to whinge over this “But…think  of the chiiiiildren….”, or is your $110.00 extra to much to pay to save the hairy nosed, spay legged, 4 toed lesser known rock mite?? Selfish sods!

And of course what story would be complete without the obligatory statement from a member of the raving monster loony party, the Greens.

Greens MP Robin Chapple said customers trying to do the right thing by the environment had been dealt a serious blow by Synergy.
“I would be very interested to see the data which Synergy has that suggests the cost of energy generated by sun or wind has increased,” he said. “As far as I know, the sun is still charging us the same for its energy.”

Nice completely irrelevant throwaway last line there eco-turd. If you want unicorn dung powered reactors then you have to pay for the unicorns knobhead.

Mr Chapple said he was concerned that the price rises would discourage customers from using green energy.

Fuck that, the last thing we want is the stinking proles learning how much extra it will cost before we have made it mandatory…
“Synergy is using the well-known fact that non-renewable energy electricity tariffs are increasing to trick customers into thinking that renewable energy electricity tariffs have to increase as well,” he said. “This is just not the case.”

Why not dildo breath? Because you will it so? The company isn’t going to subsidise your preferred method of power generation, deal with it. Might I have an “opt out” if you eco loons introduce your Emissions trading scheme as well, nah didn’t think so….

Gary Warden, a NaturalPower consumer and Al Gore ambassador, said Synergy’s price rise would reinforce WA’s position as the nation’s worst in adopting green power.

Hmm I wonder what this bloke does for a living…. 

In addition to his climate change lectures, he facilitates Living Smart workshops across Perth. In September 2008 he was elected to the Executive Committee of the Conservation Council of WA and he is also Executive Director of the very exciting Days of Change program that aims to engage 200,000 West Australians to take simple steps to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions during March 2010.

Funny how his business links don’t make him biased in any way….

 Shadow energy minister Kate Doust called on the Government to invest more in renewable energy projects to drive down prices.

Because we all know buying something inefficient and expensive becomes much cheaper if we do more of it right? FFS just how retarded are these people?

Synergy spokesman Andrew Gaspar said it was committed to increasing generation from renewable sources in WA as highlighted by its agreements with companies such as New World Energy and Carnegie to develop geothermal and wave energy.

In other words quite expensive start up operations reflected in the higher price of the power generated, darn pesky real world…..
Customers could cut their bills by reviewing electricity usage and taking simple steps such as turning off appliances at the wall.

God forbid they should just switch things off eh? Might cramp their lifestyle somewhat…


the green ideal...

the green ideal...

Just over 7200 Synergy customers use NaturalPower. The Government declined to comment.


 In 2001, the number of WA households (not people) was 724,000.

That means they represent a fraction of 1% of the people in WA. Given the amount of cries to “do something” I cant help but wonder at the light greens commitment to their own propaganda? 




11 Responses to “Irony, the stuff greenies hate.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    It used to be fun saying things such as Peak Stupid, but that stopped a while ago.

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Bingers, peak stupid was passed some time ago.

      Although UpWithCavemen is an ideal i could follow, (at least every third weekend anyway).

      Although bathing in the outrage of hippie tears is good for my long luxurious hair. Thank you global warmening, go you good thing.

  2. Vulture Says:


    Brilliant post! My schadenfreude meter is pegged just thinking about all the lefttards reaping what they’ve sown. I mean, how can you NOT enjoy their “the-real-world-just-bitch-slapped-my-idiotic-idealism” whining and crying?

    More hippy tears, please!

  3. Kaboom Says:

    It must be expensive in the West, if they double the transmission costs with duplicated circuits.

    Here in the enlightened East, we only have one wire for the electrical reticulation – the downside being that we cannot choose the source of our power.

    As much as I’d like to buy 100% Green power, and shun that evil death material, I can’t!

    Anna Bligh, please help us save the planet in a meaningful way!

    • Vulture Says:

      Here in the enlightened East? [S]hun that evil death material? [S]ave the planet in a meaningful way?

      Please tell me that this was a joke post, meant to poke fun. Because, if it wasn’t, then you’re a tool of the first order, and, in the interest of “saving the planet”, you should be exiled to someplace where your own personal carbon emissions won’t harm precious Gaia.

    • Kaboom Says:

      Well, wouldn’t you like to get Green electricity, whilst your neighbour is getting dirty polluting coal power?

      Just imagine how smug you could feel plugging you Prius III into renewable energy.

      Alas, we don’t get this opportunity in QLD, as we get exactly the same-sourced electricity as our neighbour.

      Imagine the jobs that would be created by duplicating the residential electricity reticulation network! THEN we would see how many were actually prepared to pay just a little bit more, in order to save the planet.

    • bingbing Says:


      Oi, Kabs. Will be back in QLD for a week soon… with a certain Korean lady. Already doing Southbanks incl. river cruise and art museum, Mt Cootha, a walk in the bush across the road, a visit to Chermside shopping centre incl. a doner kebab.

      What else would you recommend? Thinking Oz Zoo, but what else?

    • bingbing Says:

      PS Ferris wheel. She wants the ferris wheel. Poker night with the boys is most likely. She likes shopping, hence Chermside.

      But what else? WTF else is there to see in my hometown?

      Nebo? (Now that’d bring back memories!)

    • bingbing Says:

      PPS Note the Ashes will be on at night.

  4. bingbing Says:

    PPPS Food’s taken care of.

    Mum’s home-cooked spaghetti and shepard’s pie. Doner kebab, quarter pounder meal, fish n chips, sausage roll, meat pie, Dminor’s lamb chops… steak issue is fine… they serve aussie steaks over here. Have vegemite and milo. Ooops, and aussie takeaway shop hamburger.

    Location, location, location.

    And good on Marcus North, regardless.

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