Barack Obamas an illegal alien, proof

OK I haven’t got long to type this before “the man” shuts me down. But under the fold is real, incontrovertible proof that Barack Obama is an illegal alien sent to infiltrate the American government at the highest level.

Never mind the birth certificate, that’s a decoy, this picture blows everything else out of the water.


Remember, what is seen cannot be unseen, look below the fold if you dare.


Come on, what were you expecting???

Come on, what were you expecting???


Seriously, the whole birth certificate thing is a bit of a sideshow. Obama won the election, Hawaii keeps crap medical records, and 90% of his life has been lived there.

If an amendment to the constitution had been proposed so Arnold Shwartenegger could have run (before he continued the hash that is California) most conservatives might have supported it.

I know I’m on dangerous ground suggesting you seppos do anything regarding your own politics, but seriously, isnt Obama F*cking up enough without the distraction of a “truther” like movement over his birthplace?  The whole birth certificate thing is a godsend to Obamas mob. They can basically use that to take up paper headlines rather than things like abortion funding in the health bill, or the doubling of the money supply within the term of one administration. Attack his PARTIES policies, not Obama the man.


And remeber, they have the crazy uncle waiting out the back to replace him, Id hardly call that a win…

One heartbeat away....

One heartbeat away....

4 Responses to “Barack Obamas an illegal alien, proof”

  1. Vulture Says:

    Seriously! The worst thing that could happen is for Obama to be deposed and replaced by that simpleton Vice President Hairplugs.

  2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    No Vulture, biden could kark it and you could get pelosi. The dumbest speaker in US history.

  3. bingbing Says:

    Hence why the Right will just have to be pragmatic and back off these Obamattacks.

  4. bingbing Says:

    Was talking to the old lady. Not in her 65+ years or so has she seen shit like we’re seeing these days going down as it is now.

    Dangerous times for all we hold hold dear.

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