President Obama as, “A Better Class of Criminal”

Obama-socialism Joker

Some brilliant pop artist has decided to speak truth to power. In LA-LA Land, no less.

I guess after 200 days, some people are starting to realize that no Skittle-Shitting Unicorn will be forthcoming.

UPDATE: Right on cue, leftards play the race card where no invocation of race exists, and say “The only thing missing is the rope.” Ah, hyperbole from the Hyper-Bowling Alley that is the leftist Cosmic Bowling League. At some point, someone shined a laser on their disco ball and blinded the lot of them… you can’t prove it was me.

Besides, Chimpy McBush-Halliburton was Joker-ized first.


Was the rope missing there too? Thanks to Sonny Bunch.

UPDATE 2: Another SFLT says it’s “mean spirited and dangerous.”

“Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson is calling the depiction, politically mean spirited and dangerous.

Hutchinson is challenging the group or individual that put up the poster to have the courage and decency to publicly identify themselves.”

“Urban Policy Roundtable President”… LOL! And he uses his middle name… because it’s different, I suppose. What a steaming pile of excrement.

UPDATE 3: The actual origin of the image seems to be this Flickr user.

Hat Tip to Anthony Dick.

Newsbusters has more.

UPDATE 4: Of course, now we eeeeevil capitalists have turned the O’Joker into t-shirt swag. And why not? What better way to fight socialism than with capitalism? Works every time it’s tried.


LOL! Thanks to those filthy little Sand People.

9 Responses to “President Obama as, “A Better Class of Criminal””

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    How in the name of dog do they get the Joker into a lynched black man FFS.

    Are they that rattled the only thing they can do is scream racism to any slight on the annointed one?

    The guardian newspaper cartoonist depicted GWB as a ape for the whole of his term, Obama…. well lets just say they havent thought of anything yet because hes just “not funny”….

  2. Jim Treacher Says:

    Why so spurious?

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Where’s Harvey Dent???

    • Angus Dei Says:

      You kill me, Jim… you racist! LOL!

    • bingbing Says:

      Very good, Jim.

  3. nilk Says:

    The Killing Joke is an excellent graphic novel, and The Dark Knight is a remarkable movie.

    Barry O’Joker is perfect casting.

  4. J.M. Heinrichs Says:

    I was minded more of Baron Samedi, from “Live and Let Die”.


    • Angus Dei Says:

      And a few other appearances.

  5. bingbing Says:

    I’d get one of those shirts but it’s hard enough as it is if I say, bring up Hitler was a socialist, or AGW is bogus arguments when out and about… which I rarely do nowadays. It’s usually five or more against one and isn’t worth the bother. Keep the politics to blogs, the dinner table, and rational people (they do pop up occasionally).

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