Drink more Coke!

This is the label from a 500ml bottle of Coke. Note the little green bit. It’s states that the bottle contains 168 grams of CO2. Excellent!  It’s time to go back to that old Coke-a-day habit!



In other warmy news, 67 German scientists have written to the German big cheese about this man-made climate change nonsense.

Quick math check: Percentage of atmospheric CO2 = 0.04%. Percentage of man made CO2=5% of that. Percentage of atmosphere made up of man-made CO2=0.002%. Two thousandths of one percent.



Or as a blogger, roslav, put it on George Monboit’s blog a while back…

The concentration of the CO2 in the atmosphere has increased from 280ppm (pre-industrial world) to 387ppm (now). Right? In other words, particles other than the CO2 made up 99.972% of the atmosphere then, and 99.9613% now. Right?

Am I to believe that this infinitesimal change in the level of CO2 will raise sea levels six meters, kill polar bears, and turn Britain into a desert? And what about pigs? Will they fly?

Note. Yes, there is dispute on how much CO2 is man-made but the numbers are so small anyway, it’s moot. Even if man-made C02 were 50% rather than 5%, that would still only bring up man-made CO2’s contribution to the atmosphere to 0.02% as opposed to 0.002%.


How the fuck is man-made CO2 supposed to be driving climate change when even if you pumped it up to 4000 parts per million, it can absorb virtually no more heat anyway since the heat absorption is on a logarithmic scale, and is pretty much maxed-out already?


Some more number crunching. If CO2 is about 400ppm (parts per million) and we produce 5% of that, that means total human CO2 contribution to the atmosphere is 20ppm.

PS Australia contributes about 1.5% of that human CO2 total meaning Rudd will introduce a costly, ineffective, job destroying ETS all because Australia’s CO2 contribution is 0.3ppm.


I’ve missed the most obvious question. Why, when most people are worried about man-made CO2 emissions, would Coke put that little green label on their bottles and thus potentially lower sales?

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