Americans re-united

The two American journalists detained in North Korea since March, stepped foot on U.S. soil Wednesday, the day after they were released from custody.

Dignitaries and journalists flocked to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif., for the arrival of the plane carrying Laura Ling, 32, and Euna Lee, 36, accompanied by former President Bill Clinton, CNN reported.

And, their boss, Al Gore, was there to greet them, too… with green ‘welcome home’ signs. Thanks, Al.

CNN reckons it’s a new channel of diplomacy… even though they stress Obama was not directly involved.

You can check that stuff out on the news yourselves.

The point is this. North Korea will not change. OK, this is only my opinion… someone who has lived in South Korea for five years in total. Koreans are so difficult to deal with, let alone North Koreans.

Whilst this may be a victory for the Left (Clinton, Gore, Obama, journos for Gore’s TV channel), and Obama is right to be cautious and distance himself from this (very short press conference), it really doesn’t help relations with North Korea.

Now sure. I cried watching the reunion.

No. What this has done is strengthen Kim Jong-il’s hardline position as his health declines, as he positions his son, Kim Jong-un to take the reigns of power.

Kim Jong-il is of course prepping his best son. But he had to do the nuke tests, the missile tests, and now the long awaited Clinton visit… 9 years belated.

If he didn’t, the hawkish generals would have taken control of a weakening NK presidency. KJI needed stature, and Clinton returning two pawns was a good move… from a Kim Jing Il perspective… the personality cult must continue. KJI’s stature among ‘his’ people will be ratified. America’s position has been weakened… from a North Korean perspective.

Triple bonus. The political Left can claim success (CNN mentioned it was almost as if eight years had been erased), and Al Gore can get on TV and plug his channel, all whilst, within minutes, the new eco-religion can kick in with green banners and Laura stating she felt the love from all her supporters being channelled to her in NK. Now, mind you, she was granted access to her family during the ordeal. But just how could she have felt the love from everyone else? A Vibe?

In other words, this has weakened the West.

Anyway, NK were never gonna keep them. It has been one big stunt to raise KJI’s stature both internally and abroad and to give the Left a boost… who’da thunk? FFS sake, they kept them fed (not always an easy task in NK) and had them in a guest house.

Obama can call two-track diplomacy as much as he likes but it plainly isn’t. Not with one ex Democrat president (husband of the SOS), one ex Democrat vice president and the current president involved. I don’t care how white you paint the jet. And the West’s position has been yet again weakened.

In one sense, thanks. You freed those journos. But at what cost?

At least someone's happy. Someone else looks like he got PWND.

At least someone's happy. Someone else looks like he got PWND.

So whilst the mum meeting her daughter for the first time in ages brought tears to my eyes, no other part of this stunt did.

I’m angrier at the North Koreans, though. Pardon my French, but they’re cunts.

Still, at least a relative status quo has been maintained. There really is no other ‘solution’ at the moment.

However, this has been an absolute success for North Korea. There’s little doubt they won’t do it again… all the while whilst expanding their nuke program, whilst stalling any six-party talks.

This latest stunt will affect any sanctions, too.

Cue the stories of OMG, this is so wonderful from the MSM.


John Bolton agrees. He’s been to Korea a bit. He’d know. And as for anyone who hasn’t dealt extensively with Korea?

Hmm… well.

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