The cost of something simple

Years ago here in Australia we had a politician lose an election based on one TV interview. The bloke was John Hewson, and the question was stunning in in simplicity, and utterly devastating to Mr Hewson.

Heres a link to a Wiki on the interview, see if you can find a youtube of the event, its well worth watching.

Here’s the nub of my post, why hasn’t any party, anywhere on earth (that Im aware of) been asked the following question.

Its a simple question, why hasnt anyone asked it?

Its a simple question, why hasnt anyone asked it?


In all seriousness, why hasn’t anyone supporting a carbon scheme been asked to put a figure on a simple grocery item? Im sure the roll on effect will prove to be quite high, and the complexity will annoy those asked.

But thats the point, if they cant explain how the price “wont be effected” (an obvious lie), or they have to add on every 1c, 1/2c, 5c, cost the item has its price raised by.

Its the question which will provoke widespread unease as the true costs become a little more solid, perhaps that’s why it hasn’t been asked.

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