911 remembered

Lest We Forget.

5 Responses to “911 remembered”

  1. Iain Hall Says:


  2. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    People say where were you on that day, this is one of the few days in my life i will recall with the utmost clarity.

    A friend of mine rang me at 12:30 at night and kept saying turn on the Tv..turn on the TV.. I thought he was drunk (as usual) but did it anyway he was that insistent, an order not a request he was that wound up.

    When i first saw the footage through the fog of sleep i thought it was a 1970’s film, commentary dispelled that notion.

    I sat looking at the tele from 1245am until i left for work at 6am. Never will i see such a thing again nor do i wish to. I, for one, will remember those poor folk, and hope the sumbitches who enabled this die a slow painful death, a death 10 x worse than these innocents suffered.

    Stormbringer has a simiular post – it is recommended reading.

  3. bingbing Says:

    I remember watching Channel Ten’s late news. It was my final year of uni. At 10:48 pm, Sandra Sully broke the regular format and said they were crossing to CNN, and that the North Tower was on fire. I remember her looking off cam, in almost disbelief, presumably at the producer. She read from a script in her hand. She had that ‘if we’re wrong about this, we’ll be a laughing stock’ look on her face. Well, of course, she wasn’t wrong. With no work the next day, I was glued to the set for like a day or something. Later the next day, I went down to a mate’s house, and we both watched in disbelief, anger, amazement… a whole lotta feelings were unleashed that day.

    That day, I also wrote the editorial for QUT’s Communique (which was published a few days later) and stated that 911 was the day the world changed, expect troops to be involved, and expect it to take a long time.

    It’s probably a good time to remember all our fighting men and women, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else. What a truly remarkable job they do.

    cross posted at Iain Hall’s.

  4. nilk Says:

    I was watching XFiles of all things on Foxtel when the news ticker came on at the bottom of the screen. I switched to CNN and pretty much stayed glued to the screen for hours.

    I had a good internet pal (who I stayed with in 99, and she stayed here a few years later) living and working in NYC, so I spent some time getting through to leave a message for her.

    She wasn’t working at WTC.

    As usual this year, I read memorials, and saw footage/heard audio I hadn’t been exposed to before, and cried buckets.

    The difficult part is seeing and reading when my girl is home. I honestly can’t find the words to explain it to a child, but I know I will have to.

    The anger for those who carried out this atrocity never goes away, and each Sept 11 is like renewing a vow.

    Maybe it’s obsessive – I’ve been accused of that before lol – but I get so pissed with those suggesting it’s been several years so maybe we should let it go a bit.

    Excuse me? 8 years? And what about all those jihadis still bleating about the Crusades? That’s like 800 years.

    But they’re not white, or christian, or Western or secular, so that’s okay.

    Ah, no.

    9/11 was an atrocity that has never been dealt with. It has never been answered satisfactorily to my mind, nor to plenty of others’ minds.

    Until then…

    I’ll be angry.

    I’ll never forget, and I don’t know if I can forgive.

  5. Kaboom Says:

    There were still a few of us driving around with headlights on last Friday.

    Never forget.

    And never forget 12th October. That’s the day that gets the full-beam-and-driving-lights treatment.

    Never forget. Never forgive.

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