Picture of the year

With huge thanks to powerlineblog. Please let the pic stay up, guys.

PS Just in case.

5 Responses to “Picture of the year”

  1. boy on a bike Says:

    Gee, I’d say there’s about 8,000 people there, plus or minus a few hundred.


  2. kae Says:

    You sure there’s that many, Boy?

    I count, um…. pulls out Lancet calculator and Chemical Ali logs… coupla hundred, tops.

  3. kae Says:

    Oh no.
    I think powerline has withdrawn the photo.

  4. SezaGeoff Says:

    There was some discussion that it was not the Tea Party, but a previous rally during the Bush term.

  5. Kaboom Says:

    I can recall an amazing Google Earth photo of roughly the same perspective. Or maybe it was just an ordinary satellite photograph, not Google.

    A lower satellite was captured in the photo.

    I think Neatorama carried the story. Awesome.

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