Twitter at its best

For a rolled gold Saturday chuckle, click here.

At almost 60 comments and counting, the PP Boyz are going apoplectic over Jeremy’s tweets going online.

A perfect remedy for that Friday night hangover.



Having not even read through all the PP poo-pooing, is it too early to, as Kevni would say, shake the sauce bottle?

Methinks not!

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I Have Removed Little Green Footballs from Our Blogroll

Much of the right side of the blogosphere is talking about this story today.

Yesterday, Kilgore Trout, Charles Johnson’s enforcer moderator, decided it would be a good idea to go over to Hot Air and post racist comments to see if they would be moderated out or not. He did this in the wee hours of the morning, while Allahpundit and Ed were, you know, sleeping, so of course the mess wasn’t cleaned up right away. Duh, right? Erm, no.

Charred Johnson claims he didn’t send Kilgore on this fool’s errand, and I believe him, but neither did Charles stop him when he telegraphed his intentions much earlier. Not only that, but Charred didn’t fire Kilgore for shitting in his neighbor’s living room in the middle of the night either. Of course, Charred will ban anyone who questions him on the least of anything these days, but evidently, extremism in promoting an LGF agenda is no vice (Apologies to Barry Goldwater). To top it all off, the conventional stupidity at LGF is that the delay was some sort of proof that Hot Air tolerates racism.


Unfortunately, Ed overreacted and now one can’t even refer to Michelle “The Klingon” Obama as a Wookie at Hot Air. Don’t worry, you still have Tizona, because we’re racists. Just ask Charred or Kilgore.

At this point, you’re probably wondering why no links… or not. I’m really pissed at Little Green Snotballs, so I won’t link to them, and I’m not a fan of how deeply Hot Air caved either, so I’ll just send you to a third party, Ace of Spades HQ. In the comments, if you dig deep enough, are screen captures of the filth that Kilgore was spewing. I must admit, however, that aside from the n-bombs, much of that would pass me in the comment approval process here at Tizona. We’re a First Amendment site, and I’ll approve almost anything if it’s funny, whether I agree with it or not. I’ll also delete annoying and unfunny drivel even if it supports my posts. See how that works? If you’re a leftard, just be entertaining and I’ll approve your comments!

Anyway, LGF was fun four or five years back, but Charred and Killer have banned about 1,500 people now, so all of the funny and smart commenters, like me, are now banned and all that is left are the sycophants who bow to the Almighty Charred and see creationists around every corner and racists under every rock. I’ve simply had enough.

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