Mr Rudds trouble with the truth (the nephew edition)

Mr Rudd the PM has a troubling nephew quite happy to ride the coattails of his rellies fame to his own enrichment.


Van Thanh Rudd is a leftist weasel of the first order, his “artworks” about as sophisticated as a feces flinging primate at a larger and prawn curry night.

The artist hard at work...

The artist hard at work...

More under the fold…much more…

To deconstruct one artwork.

“Used Car Part from Afghanistan”


Lets play spot the weasel words shall we?

Lets play spot the weasel words shall we?


Note the use of the words “Afghan family car”, that appears to inform the viewer there was an Afghan family killed by the ISAF (another weasel Ill get to), or does it?

Is the car a type of car used by Afghan families? Therefore an Afghan family car?

Or was the car stolen/used by Taliban without their permission?

Or is the term Afghan family extended to Taliban as they come from familes as well?

Its pretty obvious just how non specific this artists words really are when he is trying to make a point eh?


Point 2

The claim the car was targeted by the ISAF, surely Mr Rudd (the lesser) could have been a little more specific than that. After all he knows it was a “family car” (of some sort), but curiously enough doesnt have any idea who actually targeted it… sloppy work, or an attempt to tar with as broad a brush as possible… it not hard to work out such ham fisted political agiprop.


panel 2 of weasel words...

panel 2 of weasel words...


Now he reveals his true target, the supplier of defence hardware for the Australian defence forces, so just to be clear we have a car which may or may not have contained an “Afghan family”, targeted by non named members of the ISAF, using unnamed munitions, apparently designed by Thales. Reaching for relevance mutch?

Then for some unknown bizzare reason Telstra (a phone company in Australia) and the Commonwealth bank (a bank) are also involved in this huge plot to destroy an innocent “family car” in Afghanistan. Oh and they give donations to a charity that supports servicemens families. Seriously, it would be laughable if there werent moonbats manipulating their generative organs over this and saying “it all makes sense now,,,,”


And the exhibit?

Oh how witty....or something...

Oh how witty....or something...

Its a piece of a tire, obviously meant to signal the banality of both the “family car”, and the violence unleashed upon it by Legacy or something.

It really is piss poor art.


The chap himself is a parody of what he thinks he should be.  Heres his Wiki…

Oh and BTW he apparently is active in the The Revolutionary Socialist Party, still recovering from their last pizza night held in a phone booth somewhere. Its aim are modest though. 

We stand for the transformation of human society, from its current basis of greed, exploitation, war, oppression and environmental destruction, to a commonwealth of social ownership, solidarity and human freedom, living in harmony with our planet’s ecosystems. Such a transformation requires the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism and its replacement by socialism — a classless society based upon a worldwide system of democratically planned production to meet human needs.

And as soon as we transform lead into gold, we will be right onto it…. dickheads.


Now for a second piece of “art”.


muddled crap again...

muddled crap again...

Note the muddled use of images, again showing shallowness seldom witnessed outside a kiddies wading pool.

The background ad with the crudely painted over slogan escapes me (crudely covered, how subversive daaahlink!), however the rifle featured in the collage is an Aussie Steyer.

However the picture he uses is this one

The soldier is American, the child was killed by a terrorist bomb, one of Yons hard hitting pieces.

The soldier is American, the child was killed by a terrorist bomb, one of Yons hard hitting pieces.

So just where does this dickhead get off ? What was his point? Why does he bother?

Hes used an Australian ad, and Australian rifle and an American soldier comforting a dying Iraqi child (killed by terrorists) in an attempt to say what?


Last of all his oh so subversive “Christ as a suicide bomber” shite.

Banality of the middle class socialist?

Banality of the middle class socialist?

Heres a hint for free, the “Christ as a …insert porn/radical/subversive/naked etc… has been flogged to death. Lash out and try a “Mohammed as a suicide bomber” then I might listen to your load of wankery.

Heres a link to his website, Im afraid its pretty well a stock standard wail against how his mother breast fed him till he was 13, or his dad didnt bugger him as a child or something similarly “deep”

Oh and his heading quote on the website?

“No vietcong ever called me a nigger”.  Quite why this is a quote a Vietnamese/Australian middle class kid thinks is especialy deep is beyond me. And if his Vietnamese roots are deepenough he should be familiar with the term “upgang” (Im spelling as it sounds), a rather degoratory term used by the Vietnamese for black people…..

9 Responses to “Mr Rudds trouble with the truth (the nephew edition)”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Van Than Rudd – A complete cockwaft of the highest order, whose ‘work’ has the artistic merit of a goat fellating a kitchen appliance in a vat of yogurt, this man is a skidmark on the undies of life.

  2. boy on a bike Says:

    Michael Yon took on one of the big media companies over the misuse of that photo – and won. Has anyone tipped him off that Vrudd is doing the same?

  3. bingbing Says:

    Vacuous art. There’s this brief moment of impact, shock, but no essential truth therein.

    Kinda like “Say NO to global warming” T-shirts.

    None of it really means anything.

  4. Angus Dei Says:

    So, V.T. Rudd is the talentless, conceited, dilettante, poop-flinging son of a talentless, conceited, dilettante, chinless earwax eater.

    Who could have possibly predicted that?

    Another awesome, epic post, Mole.

  5. thefrollickingmole Says:

    boy on a bike

    Nice thought, but I think the image has been distorted enough for the cretin to get away with it.
    If anyone wants to contact Mr Yon Im all for it, but it might just give wax-boy more publicity…

  6. dr zarathrusta Says:

    i think you are all very mean. here is a lovely young man trying to make a political point with his art in a most earnest and thoughtful way and all you can do is criticise the work. ahem… oh bugger it, of course it s a load or egregious crap from someone without the brains to realise the difference between art and propaganda. but then, what can one expect from a family of prieslty types

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