Pure evil

Definitely not for the feint-hearted. In fact, all of this post is going below the fold. It happened to a nine-year-old Korean girl known as Na-young. The 57 year old man is Jo Du-sun.

One morning on her way to school, Na-Young was dragged to a public toilet by a 50 year old strange man. He was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident, told by the police department which handled her case.

l  Beaten and strangled:

He punched her face and stomach when she refused to take off her clothes. He then strangled her neck to make her pass out but when he didn’t succeed he held her head under the water of toilet seat until she did pass out. It was assumed he did this to make it easy to force himself on her. Up till this point, she was still conscious, said Na-Young when she was asked to describe everything she could remember. It was also confirmed by physical evidences.

l  Violently raped and sexually tortured:

When she fell unconscious he made held her against the closed toilet seat cover then had penetrative intercourse (anal and vaginal). He then performed the same penetrative pistol action to her right ear. Her head and her ear were crushed against the water tank each time of his pistol action. Her right shoulder was also dislocated as a result.

l  Injury of internal oragns and a rupture:

Thinking he had to destroy the evidence by cleaning her inside out of his semen, he pushed her face down in the toilet again to wash her ears. He then used a pump (used for blocked toilets) on her via anus in attempt to extract his semen which lead to severe rupture of her large intestine where he, this time, tried to push the organs back inside her using the long stick of the pump. During this process, he damaged her genital organs completely.

l  Attempt to destroy the evidences and cover up the crime scene:

He tried to clean her up. Flushed her blood and other traces of her organs down the toilet, washed her and made her sit upright but decides to have another intercourse. When he was finally done and satisfied, he ran away leaving Na-Young to die.

May her attacker be raped every day until he dies.

May her attacker be raped every day until he dies.

For any reason at all, can this unforgiving, horrifying crime be justified? Or can we say the justice is served with 12 year sentence.

Na-Young has gone under 8 hour operation and her life was saved but she has lost all her functions of genital organs and has to live the rest of her life with a bag attached to her bladder. But this physical pain and suffering would be nothing compared to the bruises left on her heart and mind.

Please help by speaking out.

Please help us make this evil man get what he deserves. 12 years in the jail doesn’t even come close.

Help us to convince our government to revise our current Sex crime laws and regulations, make changes where needed, provide protected environments to our children.

You can take part by distributing this article as much as you can.

Let people know the truth. Let people be aware what’s happening to our children.

Help us.

Written by S.



Expat blogger Brian has more.

Twelve years? Twelve fucking years?!?!?! What the fuck is wrong with that judge and Korea’s sex-crime laws?!?! He was drunk? So that makes it OK?! He pulled her fucking intestines out with a fucking plunger! Then he pushed them back in with the other end of the plunger.

Oh my fucking God.

I’ve changed my mind. The death penalty for the likes of Jo Du-sun and Roman Polanski.

Bullet in the head.

7 Responses to “Pure evil”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    I’m amazaed this poor girl survived.

    To these vile creatures the quick release from this world is a mercy that cannot be justified.

    Hard time, i mean real hard time . The sort of time that means you will never see the sun come up nor go down, you will never walk on anything but concrete. The sort of hard time that is life as a peodiphile in the general prison population, not protective custody.

    The hard time that means you will never smell a flower, or the smell the joy of freshly cut grass. I mean a stainless steel bed & head a concrete exercise yard for 1 hour a day, no tv, no dvd, no radio. Just the time to contemplate the evil of your crime and to live for a long long time knowing that in the next cell is the guy who will sodomise you until your dying day.

  2. thefrollickingmole Says:

    So this turd managed to do injuries bad enough to wreck her sex life forever….

    wild pigs munching on his man-marbles would be suitable punishment I think…

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