Letterman admits to womanizing, ratings soar

What an interesting world we live in.  Take David Letterman for example. After he made jokes about raping Sarah Palin’s underage daughter, his ratings soared.

And now, after it’s been revealed he’d engaged in multiple affairs with female staff members (notably his personal assistant, Stephanie Birkitt, who is about half his age) in a story brought to life by an alleged extortion attempt, his ratings have soared again by as much as 22%.

So here we have two things, each of which would have traditionally ended his career, either through a plummet in ratings, or his bosses (read: advertisers) giving him the flick, and yet we witness the man enjoying popularity levels that he hasn’t had in years.

Speaking diplomatically, this is interesting.

PS The alleged extortionist has plead not guilty.

Tim Blair has more.

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