Obama on the nose

Well, I’d heard about the Obama shirts, Obama plate, Obama socks, Obama mugs, Obama dunny paper, and even the Head-O-State. You’d think there couldn’t possibly be any more.

Well there is. It’s been out for a while, apparently. My girlfriend just sent me a pic of it. It was a pretty dodgy pic so I snatched this one from the net.

Pic source.

That’s right. Obama perfume. It turns out there’s also Oil of Obama (eww), and a fragrance for men.

So now you can eat off Obama, literally eat him, drink from him, drink him, pour him on your food, reheat him, wear him to work, wear him to bed, write with him, wipe your ass on him, satisfy yourself with him, wear him on your feet, get greasy with him, put him in your hair, and even smell him all day long.

FFS It couldn’t get even worse, right?


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