Suicidal kids and the media.

I am so bloody sick of these doomsday cultists and their effect on kids.


Try this sample

The following video encapsulates why these pressure groups are crossing over into outright evil. Teaching kids they

A: Have no future

B: all the oldies are going to kill them

C: They have a right, nay, obligation to be angry.

Plus the kids in a hoodie, the idea being to make all the oldies feel that the menace they feel from that particular sub group of idiots is somehow justified, and a result of anger over a real grievance about the environment. Scum.



Lovely, why not tell the kid she’ll grow up and the elderly will harvest her organs as well?

 More under the fold.


About as subtle as Monty Pythons piranha brothers….



One aimed at mums…



So just how low can they go?



Vote greens because they wont build any more dams???



More greenwash.



Using kids like Roman Polanski on a meth bender…



Worse than terrorism…



Big daddy Al…



A whos who of who not to take advice from, made in 1990….

Tom Cruise: Scientology’s homeboy

Whoopie “rape-rape” Goldberg

Demi “toyboy” Moore (I think)

Billy Crystal comedian

And Warrren “wonderwang” Beatty…



This one neeeearly says what they mean, its a parody of a smoking ad, and if it was to carry on all the way the last words should be “quit mankind”..



Not afraid to exploit the kiddies are they?


Well thats my little selection of crap for the arvo. These scum are actively trying to make kids feel angry, helpless and afraid, they arent worried about the effects on individuals as they feel their “holy cause” is to important for things like that.

They are child abusing scum, there are campaigns to try and stop junk food advertising during kids after school hours, whats the bet this crap will take its place.


If I had a kid who believed all that then exactly how am I supposed to motivate them to do well in school, be positive, and work within the bounds of society. Ive just spent their formative years telling them that thanks to my generation they are going to all die/starve/be diseased etc…

Greenies should be made to go and live their “sustainable lifestyle” somewhere remote for a year or 2, then the survivors asked if theyd like to continue?

One Response to “Suicidal kids and the media.”

  1. bingbing Says:

    Tom’s only playing. He knows Xenu will come to the rescue.

    Isn’t that selection a poignant exhibition of fail? One of those vids was from 20 years ago. The climate hasn’t changed too much, let alone warmed more than a bee’s dick. Apart from cherry-picking some pics, there’s no real information in those vids whatsoever.

    It’s funny. Was helping my girl out with her final uni project (no, she’s not that young, she deferred). One of her colleagues came up and mentioned her final project had a climate/eco whatever element to it.

    So I asked three simple questions.

    1: What percentage of the atmosphere is CO2?
    2: By how much did it warm last century?
    3: By how much has it warmed this century?

    (0.04%, 0.6C, -0.35C)

    The poor lass got embarrassed and left.

    I feel most sorry for that first kid, but. One can only hope he fronts a metal band one day. Even better, that he’ll wake up one day to who the real arseholes are.

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