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Years ago I worked on an emu farm, I spotted an adult and 3 chicks running around the minesite today which jogged my memory of a few tales…



This clip is of an emu chucking a wobbly. The farm I worked on had a big pen of about 25 juvenile emus for the tourists to have a look at. I learnt a little trick, if you whistle at a certain tone, then vary it a bit it makes the whole mob carry on like the one in the above clip.



Emu attacks!! I still have a scar on the palm of my hand from one bird. The big middle toe on the things can be quite sharp and they kick with quite a lot of force.

On one occasion I was showing some tourists around the nesting area while the fathers were on the eggs. (as usual the poor blokes get left to do the hard work)… I went into a pen to lift the back of an emu up so they could get a few photos/ a look at the clutch of eggs. Knowing this was a fairly cranky emu I picked up a good sized stick to give it a whack if it went for me. Well it jumped up and had a go at me so I swung my arm back with the stick in it to give it a whack when the stick broke off in my hand leaving me with about 15mm of wood left.. The tourists had fun watching me running around and dodging the bloody thing until I got out of the pen..


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Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony Cleanses Woman of Spirit

NEW YORK CITY — A 38-year-old New York woman who died after sitting in a sauna-like sweat lodge during a spiritual cleansing ceremony at an Arizona resort was an active athlete — an avid surfer and hiker who was “in top shape,” took self-improvement seriously and had a passion for art — a family spokesman said.

Kirby Brown of Westtown, N.Y., was one of two people who died Thursday evening at a scenic resort. Authorities identified the other victim as 40-year-old James Shore of Milwaukee, who served as director of business development at an Internet marketing company in his hometown.”

Perhaps this is crass – Okay, no “perhaps” about it – but I wonder what their political affiliations were?

A question on Climate Change

At a party? Out and about? At work? And suddenly you hear some prat mention global warming/CO2/climate change?

Well here’s some quick and easy climo-questions you should feel free to ask in order to strike up/shut down conversation.

Let’s start with the basic three.

1: What percentage of the atmosphere is CO2?
2: By how much did the world warm last century?
3: By how much has it warmed this century?

After that it’s a tough one these days. Too many well-meaning people will already see you as an asshole for merely pointing out the answers – which they don’t know – to these three basic questions.

(If you like, add how much of the total CO2 is man-made.)

And now we’ve got some scowling 10yo in a hoodie.

What if I mentioned polar bear populations over the last few hundred thousand years… or even just the last 50 or so, hurricane frequency and intensity over the last 30 years, sun spots, ocean currents, cosmic rays, solar cycles, the earth’s wobble, the earth’s tilt, the urban heat island effect, dodgy temp. recording stations, how good (?) wind turbines are and the dirty coal power stations needed to support them, the toxins inside solar panels and fuel cell batteries, oh God, the efficiency of nuclear power… fusion? Oh, but where is the HE3? Not the moon!?

Or that even those who DON’T think made made CO2 is a problem, DO think dumping dangerous chemicals into rivers is fucked, or that cutting down the Amazon for bio-fuel is fucked too.

But that the term ‘dangerous’ refers to chemicals that actually endanger us – not DDT, nor common pesticides.

There’s a reason why we don’t have weevils in our food any more. There’s a reason why the old tale of a worm in our apple is just that… old. There’s a reason why that angry kid in Mole’s video gets to wear a hoodie made in China, and why we get to enjoy spring rolls.

There’s a reason why so many get to live so well.

And yet, there’s a reason why so many don’t get to. And it’s not global warming. It’s not globalization. It’s not CO2. And it’s not because of the West.

It’s because some places have not industrialized. In some places it’s because of lack of ability, will, and corruption.

But sadly, in many places, it’s because well-meaning do-gooders have stifled development in poor places under the guise of ‘sustainable development’.

So for some elements of the West to actively push for billions of people to stay poor… under the guise of global warming, is just wrong. And, sure, these people mean well. But they aren’t helping.

They aren’t helping those poor people and nations, and they aren’t helping that poor kid who, thanks to all this AGW hyperbole, has lost his childhood.

In fact, those same people who are blatantly exploiting and terrifying kids – ie. Greenpeace – also actively push for those in the West to sacrifice, to feel concerned, to feel guilty.

For what? Feel guilty for what? Progress? Millions of years of evolution? Guilty because we are the one species on this planet to have overcome?

There’s a difference between exploitation and utilization.


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