Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony Cleanses Woman of Spirit

NEW YORK CITY — A 38-year-old New York woman who died after sitting in a sauna-like sweat lodge during a spiritual cleansing ceremony at an Arizona resort was an active athlete — an avid surfer and hiker who was “in top shape,” took self-improvement seriously and had a passion for art — a family spokesman said.

Kirby Brown of Westtown, N.Y., was one of two people who died Thursday evening at a scenic resort. Authorities identified the other victim as 40-year-old James Shore of Milwaukee, who served as director of business development at an Internet marketing company in his hometown.”

Perhaps this is crass – Okay, no “perhaps” about it – but I wonder what their political affiliations were?

7 Responses to “Spiritual Cleansing Ceremony Cleanses Woman of Spirit”

  1. thefrollickingmole Says:

    Silly buggers, Id be guessing cause of death as dehydration and/or heat stroke. Ive had miners crash in a couple of hours before in badly ventilated parts of the mine. If they were restricting fluids as well as food in the fast then that might be part of the problem.
    Still 9grand for a course like that does seem aimed at a certain demographic..

    • bingbing Says:

      Didn’t even click the link. Just liked the title. Truth in advertising to the nth degree.

  2. The Wizard of WOZ Says:

    Now now, lets look at this from their point of view:

    In the minutes before they died I’d say they felt a wonderful sense of oneness with mother Gaia, having cleansed their spirits of all the evil they would have absorbed from living in the land of evil.

    Me personally, if I have 9 grand to spend on my departure from this earth, its going to be on booze, hookers and drugs. Maybe I’m just old fashioned…

  3. David Crawford Says:

    “… aimed at a certain demographic.”

    Dumb white people with more money than sense, maybe?

    • bingbing Says:

      David. This is a sensitive demographic. How dare you? Really?!

      So sensitive, they can detect minute changes in the earth’s temperature and climate, and be able to warn of impending disaster.

      And don’t you dare counter-point, you ignorant slut.

      We’ve been warned about these changes for at least thirty years now.

  4. RebeccaH Says:

    Good grief. A sweat lodge with between 55 and 65 people in it? Can you say “rotisserie”?

    • Carpe Jugulum Says:

      Can you sa “BO” that would have been worse.

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