Green slimers

Yeeha!! Ive found a motherlode of moronity, a vein of stupidity so deep and wide it may never run out.


I present

Climate Justice Fast!

What are they? Well they are a group of swampies who are going to fast for various length of time during the Copenhagen summit to add “moral pressure”. Their objectives?

Climate Justice Fast! will therefore serve three important purposes:

1. Raising awareness. (Because we know no-one has heard of the problem yet, right?)

An international hunger strike is a new, exciting and newsworthy action, with enormous potential for capturing attention. If taken up by the mainstream media, it will send a powerful message to members of the public who are as yet unaware of the importance of the issue. (Its old and worn out, and unless a few of you die nowhere near newsworthy in any form other than “freaks of the week” sections of news broadcasts)

2. Providing inspiration.

Climate Justice Fast! also has enormous potential to inspire those who are already aware of the climate issue to become more politically active. By putting our bodies on the line we will lead by example and show the level of commitment and courage that the climate crisis requires from us all. (Short of wandering around in sandwich boards proclaiming “the end is nigh” I can think of no better thing for you to do. I can then apply Margos Maids reverse retard index and make a killing backing what you think is bad)

3. Sending the strongest possible message to our leaders. (What message is that? “our education system is a shambles? My tax money pays for these professional bludgers?)

Our act will also serve as a powerful reminder to our political, social and economic leaders of the importance, and moral consequences, of their decisions on climate change. (The message being, “you are following the advice of a smelly unwashed hippie with delusions of grandeur”)


Backed up by the usual youtube clip designed to make people “care”, with no mention of the cost, or the science behind it, much of which is looking particularly wobbly.

And just how many of the people quoted in that video would you buy a used car off?

More under the fold.

And be sure to check out the “blog” section on that website, it has pearls like this wingnut.

Yes its a "climate Justice" tattoo... attention seeking much?

Yes its a "climate Justice" tattoo... attention seeking much?


It even has a facebook page full of freshly scrubbed brains with embarrassing youtube videos of the narcissists in action.


But the best details on some of the protesters comes from the ever reliable “green left weekly”, now in 2 ply for smoother wiping.

“Australian climate activist Paul Connor is one of many who are deadly serious about stopping it. He will go without food for more than 40 days, fasting on water only, to draw attention to the global warming emergency.” Excellent, hunger striking is extremely easy after the first few days, the stomach basically shuts itself down and the body processes follow after. So hunger isnt usually felt after the first few days. Its only when you get up to the length of time green slime here is doing you start to get uncomfortable again…

Whos Paul Conner?: Heres his Bio from the fasting site, unfortunately it looks like Australian greenslime have started this off.

“..Enough well-publicised moral outrage and political strategists will be forced to contemplate deeply which side of the issue’s history they wish their party to sit on. Just as many of us worry what we will tell our children we did about climate change, so too should any politician aiming for a long career be wary of what we will tell our children their party did while they had the chance.

This was enough for my colleague, who was now wide-eyed. “Fuck,” he said.” I think you’re right.” He went on to tell me about the more or less constant ill health he suffers as a result of having been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation during a protest against nuclear waste dumping years ago, removing the dentures I had always assumed to be his teeth for effect. He has, he said, never regretted it for a second…” Ill leave the stupidity of those 2 wingnuts to speak for themselves… enough radiation to lose your teeth years ago, but otherwise fine??? riiight..


Theres better than him though,

US-based activist Diane Wilson is another long-term faster. Her fast will begin in Texas on November 6 before she flies to Copenhagen later that month, she told GLW. There, she will continue her hunger strike right through the conference

(See even Texans have greenslime!) And whats her main claim to fame before this? She also co-founded Code Pink for Peace, and a professional activist for any cause going..

Look at moi, look at moi!!!

Look at moi, look at moi!!!

 “Wilson said she was not surprised the idea had caught on internationally. “I’ve been involved in nine fasts over my 20 years of activism and I know that with some hard work, a fast can gain momentum”, she said. “What I’m surprised about is the youth of the group I’m fasting with … I’m 60 years old and it is refreshing to see the youth running things.”..

60 Years old and the twat has spent 20 of it protesting? Whats the bet she also thinks shes been “silenced and oppressed” by the government as well? 


Theres even a US website for the fast, if any of our US readers want to point out “the usual suspects” from the list feel free to do so. Fast for Our Future


Dont worry there are still more embarrassing Aussies though!

Anna Keenan, an Australian now living in Europe — she travelled there by train and bus through Asia to arrive for last December’s UN climate conference in Poland — will begin her long-term fast at the Barcelona climate conference, before joining Wilson.

(So shes basically saying she walked to Asia, then used a less efficient means of transport than aircraft to get herself to Europe? Well done greenslime!!)

retiring little wallflower isnt she?

retiring little wallflower isnt she?


Just out of Uni and earning a Degree in hard science, she then had a tragic series of accidents which have blighted her life since.

“..A year ago, at 21 years of age, Anna Keenan was selected as the youngest of 85 Australians to be personally trained by former US Vice-President Al Gore as part of The Climate Project – Australia. Anna spent two months in 2007 working in Washington DC for US Congressman Sam Farr, is Environment Advisor to the National Council of Women of Queensland, and is the inaugural Chair of Queensland’s Youth Environment Council. She is currently working as a Community Outreach Officer in South-East Queensland for the Australian Conservation Foundation, and will be attending the Bali negotiations for the next phase of the Kyoto protocol, as part of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition delegation.

Anna Keenan was one of twelve Australian university students who undertook the prestigious two-month internship with U.S. Congress in Washington, D.C. In 2006, UQ was one of eight Australian universities invited to participate in the Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme (UCWIP), and of the final twelve students selected, four were from UQ.

“My time in Washington gave me a first-hand insight into international politics and has opened doors for my future career. The internship went far beyond even my high expectations, and I am extremely grateful to the Arts Faculty and EPSA for their sponsorship.”

Will she ever recover? Its hard to say…


Its hard not to reach the conclusion that these people mentioned above are extremely self absorbed. They cover their self absorbtion by making it about an “issue”, but somehow put themselves front and centre as figureheads.

Still i can only hope they collectively ease their guilt at consuming more than their “fair share” of the worlds resources by being entirely successful in their goals of starving themselves to death.


8 Responses to “Green slimers”

  1. Carpe Jugulum Says:

    Oh FFS, Sod.Off.swampies.

    Have a bath, brush your teeth, put on deodorant and get a life ecoharpies.

  2. bingbing Says:

    Re the fasters: Wow. Sixty people have signed up. Talk about momentum!

  3. Vulture Says:

    60 whole people? NO WAY! Why, it’s sweeping the globe!

  4. Margo's Maid Says:

    I am so joining up for this. I just can’t promise anything when it comes to the not-eating thing.

  5. Peter Hartley Says:

    What a total pack of wankers! Hope they all achieve the ENDeavour!

  6. Case Says:

    Anna keenan has very….errrr…..agricultural-looking hands though. Ummm, rough and apPEALing!

  7. Carl Says:

    I thought you guys were all about Science, Logic and Fact.
    Can I join and play the violins for ya guys?

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