Racist Muslim Students in Kabul Burn Obama in Effigy

Hope? Nope.


As usual, the charge is that Americans allegedly burned a Koran.

Islam and Obama are both so far beyond parody that it’s impossible to post this stuff with a straight face. EPIC… Epic… epic… FAIL… Fail… fail (That’s Sports Stadium Announcer Echo – SSAE – for those of you unfamiliar with the format).


H/T Instapundit.

Teh Interwebs

“That was the day this baby was born,” Mr Kleinrock said.

And yes, by ARPANET, a branch of the US military, no less.

Sorry, Al.*

*And, yes. That link was checked before posting.

Mr Kleinrock, Mr Cerf… have we some debate?


This whole Internet shamozzle – ARPANET, Kleinrock, Cerf, Gore – has some weird names behind it!

PPS Oh yeah, and the Interwebs turns 40 around now.

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